Monday, March 26, 2007

Unconscious, but concerned husband...

If you read my last blog, you will find this follow up a good laugh...please pray for me!

It was 2:00 am, I had gone to bed not feeling very well, but was dreaming peacefully...and DEEPLY. As I am dreaming, I hear a distant voice: "sit up quickly".
I hear the same words a second time, and open my very sleepy eyes to see my wonderful...yet "quirky" husband sitting up looking at me.
I was alarmed by this point..."what's wrong?"
"Sit up quickly, I don't want them to crawl on you"
"that's NOT funny!"...and I almost pushed him out of bed.
I said: "why would you do that? That's cruel!"
He's not laughing, but insists he doesn't want them to crawl on me.

I am like, "What are you dreaming about?"
"Golfing......I'll have to spray the house before I leave..."

Memories come flooding back of our first year of marriage, now I get it. He's asleep!
Mark has a long history of talking, selling, preaching, making money in his sleep. Once he was even campaigning as prime minister!
17 years ago, our first year married, I was woken up to a similar situation. He was kneeling on the bed beside me, with an arm under my neck, and one under my legs, picking me up.
"what's wrong?"
"the chicken"
'the's burning"
"what chicken?"
"we have to turn off the chicken"

Now we had not had chicken that night, nor had I burned our supper to that point, but here I was being woken up, to turn off an imaginary chicken!
He wouldn't quit...finally I told him I'd already turned off the chicken, and he laid down and went back to sleep.
I have been having these conversations with an unconscious man periodically ever since!

So, I ask him (once again), when we wake up this morning..."what were you dreaming?"
"What? Nothing."
I am used to that response....
He can't figure out why I am so tired, and has no idea that I was unable to sleep for an hour afterwards.
It's one thing when God wakes you up at night, but an incoherent husband is quite another!

Although I was able to leave my adventure with the roaches, (not referring to you Tamar!), behind me when I left Toronto; it appears my husband was somewhat traumatized by my experience!
Please remember him in your prayers. ; )
I think I need a nap now....


Williams Family Blog said...

OOh that is so funny!!!

The chicken is burning?? lol

There are some people in our family that have periodic problems with sleep talking and the like but never to that extreme.

Say, are you going to warn the guys that he is going on this golfing holiday with??


Amy said...

Hilarious...Mike does the exact same thing...Freaks me out
Always funny to bug them with it though. Mike always denys.

Holly said...

Too funny!!! Hope you get a strong cup of coffee this morning and a nap later this afternoon.

Rhonda said...

Isn't that wonderful that he was concerned about you so much that he felt the need to spray before he leaves.


Anonymous said...

Buddy better not be preaching or jumping on my bed on the golf trip or he will be sleeping on the 18th green.

Jen said...

Mark Mc.

Fortunately for you, the episodes which actually involve interaction, are quite rare. Talking in general...not so irregular. As I lay awake after my rude awakening, he went on to invent something....unfortunately, the first part was slurred, so I don't know what it was...we might have been rich!

Shari said...

This is funny - you will have to remind Mark about the time he promised you a new, huge diamond

Kevin could tell you many stories about my waking him up. I do really strange things during pregnancies. He would insure that no dangerous objects were left lying around our room before going to sleep. I did some pretty weird stuff in those days - it's a miracle I never hurt myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh too funny!!

I laughed and laughed but I must confess that apparently I do this to my husband as well. Sorry babe!

I don't believe a word of it.

Tamar said...

What a funny storey!
I have left the memory behind as well.
Shivers run up my spine when I think of it.
Otherwise it was a fantastic weekend with God and friends!

Tamatha said... funny! I used to do things like that in my sleep but not since I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

I can relate with you Jen!


Anonymous said...

Mark and Sid .... weak knee'd women pleaser's!! Where is the solidarity, the brotherhood??? I have yet to hear myself do this I might add. As far as I am concerned this is all hearsay and conjecture ... there is absoluetly no proof ... no other witness's. Hmmmph!!