Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring...A New Season...

"For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.The fig tree puts forth her green figs, And the vines with the tender grapes Give a good smell."Song of Solomon 2:11-13

Winter has been a very interesting, very out of the ordinary season. Both in our earthly environment, and also in areas affecting us very personally.
Most of us have had some very pleasant and some very difficult things going on.

A group of us...mostly bloggers, have just completed a 21 day reformation. An effort to create new, positive habits in various areas of our lives. Some were physical in nature, and some more spiritual...but all were things that God had laid on our hearts to give to Him for change.
it's been so great to watch this group face obstacles in their lives, and meet them head on. Some times we failed...or chose not to fight; at those times there was a rally cry that seemed to go out, and there would be enough encouragement, to start fresh. We sometimes, climbed huge mountains, and we cheered each other on the whole time. There was a lot of laughter, and a few tears, and lots to think about and absorb.
The underlying current in all of it though, was transparency...being very real with one another....sometimes taking chances. For me, it has all been very worthwhile. I have come to see, respect, and enjoy this group on new levels.

Coming out of a long hard season, and being encouraged daily...often by the simplest of things...often not even directed at me personally...but God used these things ...and these wonderful people. I am thankful for every one of them, and I am so pleased to see so much growth in each of them as well.
So here we are, the first day of Spring, and I have become an official "BLOGGER"...I have taken chances, I have been very stretched...I have had some wonderful victories....and I have become connected to a group of people who are all seeking hard after the same passion...our God, and His complete will for each of us.

21 Day Reformation is officially is winter...In all that this season has required of me... I am thankful. Thankful because my character has been built and strengthened, and dare I say, I am just a little bit more like the one I love and serve.

All in all, winter has been good...and relatively short...BUT Thank you LORD that it is SPRING.
I SOOOO look forward to all that this new season holds for me...and for the other reformers that God has brought in to my life. I know that there will be more stretching...more challenges to meet, more failures....but my HOPE is in HIM, and I know that He will be my faithful guide through all of it. I am choosing to look for the victories and spend more time rejoicing over those, than wallowing about the failures!

Thank you fellow reformers for helping to make the end of this season a very rewarding one.
I love you guys!


Tamatha said...

Jen.......warm fuzzies!:o) I love you too! And thanks again for dinner last night!:o)
I definately agree with you...this blogging thing is stretching...I was just telling someone the other day that people were being so transparent and it was challenging me do the same.
Spring is here! Soon I will have some pictures of daffodils on my blog...if I can figure out how to arrange them!lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen,

I love you too! Thanks for being real, and writing so well!

Holly said...

Love you too! ;o) I feel that i have bonded with all of you. HAPPY SPRING!

Williams Family Blog said...

Hi Jen,

It has been great connecting here as well as at ballet. You know what? For me this reformation thing is not over....I am going to keep pressing in "Further in and higher up" (CS Lewis)

Love yah,


Rhonda said...

This is only the beginning. Some good habits have been formed. We are stranded together tightly and woven more closely to our Father. A bond that cannot easily be broken.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. A time to plant seeds and a time for some of those seeds that were planted before the treacherous season of winter to come into bloom.

I pray that God shows us where and how to plant these new springtime seeds.


Shari said...

I agree with All The Girls - this has and will continue to be a "good thing". Connecting in a specific spot/location is great but takes a lot of planning. The distance between Ontario and BC definately poses a challenge. What I've enjoyed about this is it "fit in my schedule".....I still love getting together in person but this brings a new dynamic and more consistant contact.

I am amazed at everyone's ability to communicate in this forum - all have equal opportunity to share. Sometimes us "chatty ones" can dominate the conversations (who me?).

I never thought blogging would interest me - truthfully I had concerns that it could be negative and even unproductive BUT the opposite is true. Everyone has been SO POSITIVE and poured into each has been a treat!!

Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading. I see this growing and desire to see more of our ladies connecting. I'm blessed to call you all "friend".

Thank you to Rhonda for introducing me to blogging and thank-you to Cheryl for the invitation to join your reformation team.

Tamar said...

"New Season"....just saying it,I feel Hopefull!
Have Loved connecting and am sure more is to come....
You are all not stopping Now right?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies for some funny stories, some insight into each of your lives. Now that this new season of spring is here, just remeber how you have written that you love your husbands so much and how great they are. Remeber that because golf season is now soon upon us and you will want to say YES when they ask to go.

Bless You All

Jen said...

Yes "Anonymous"...and for Rhonda and I golf season starts I believe a week from Friday...
I'll make sure Rhonda knows how my Mark has gotten to take this trip 2 years in a row. My answer is "YES DEAR...Equal time, Equal money ; )"
I got a lovely patio set and a conference or 2 out of the deal last year...still planning this year....

Shari said...


COUNT ME IN - Just let me know the time, the conference and the amount...Kevin will just give me a blank check....he adores me and I know it!