Friday, March 2, 2007

Storm Day!!!

This is GOOD!

I awake to the joy of an unscheduled long weekend....and some very happy faces...three little ones...and a little later, a sleepy but very grateful teenage one checking to make sure we know.

It's almost 9:00, and the three younger children have enjoyed one of their favorite breakfasts....blueberry pancakes. The two oldest men of my life, (Mark-husband, Jonathan-my gentle giant-14 yr. old son) have decided that although the powers-that-be decided it was dangerous enough on the roads to warrant a complete school closure, they could de-ice the took hot water to get through the ice...and brave the elements for the "Oh so necessary" cup of morning Starbucks! YIGH!!!

Since my kids go to a walking school, they never get a storm day, and this is a very rare treat. I love that we are all sitting here in our PJ's, and that the most pressing thing on our agenda is what games we will play, and what I will feed them.
In the busyness of life, where even the weekends are full before they arrive...this is a gift.
An unscheduled break from the where to be, or take anyone. A family day!
Thank you God!

PS: Help me to still be thankful at 9:00 tonight! : )


Holly said...

We lost our power for most of the morning. It is 11:00 now and Shaun has gone to work. (Hopefully, his boss will send him home early!)
The kid's are thrilled with the "Storm Day". Tirzah is learning to embroider and working on a pretty butterfly design. Josiah is enjoying playing on the game cube. Meanwhile, I am getting my second cup of coffee...I love storm days too!

Williams Family Blog said...

Storm days, what an added blessing as Cliff did not have to drive through the storm to go to work this morning.
We are all home together...

I love unscheduled days off :)


Shari said...

We had no power, which meant no coffee - MUST HAVE COFFEE!!

We all went out for breakfast (excluding Ryan who was working). A storm day with the family together and lots of coffee equals a great day!