Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life is Good

Finally, a few minutes to post....

Friday saw the last day of my adventure as 
a student supervisor...at least for the summer.
Wow!!! This has been stretching and rewarding at the same time. I was known as the "peacemaker" in my family growing up and have always hated confrontation or conflict...avoided it at all costs. 
Yet, in my job, I was forced to confront pretty much daily...usually, as simple reminders, though a couple of times I wondered if I was in danger...especially when I broke up my first fight.

I also grew up without having ever seen, touched or knowingly smelled drugs, so it had to be God who would give me a "little hunch" about someone or a situation that seemed "off"...and sure enough, as admin. would follow up on my questions...someone was found guilty.

Thankfully, the rewards far outweighed the challenges...I had the privilege of speaking into many lives, everything from an eating disorder, breakups, challenges students were having with friends and teachers, and a really in depth talk about forgiveness and it's true power and purpose to bring a victim freedom. Maybe as staff, we need to be creative in our language etc, when it comes to God....but let me tell you, God
 IS Love and forgiveness, so I was able to share Him 
without ever mentioning His name...and  His power and effectiveness to reach deep into the heart are not diminished one bit.

By the end of the year, I had made many connections and even had a little "clique" who offered to pay my salary if the funding was not approved for my position next year...we laughed, as the students were obviously not in a position to do that, but I appreciated the heart behind it.

I am not sure what the fall will hold for me, but am truly thankful for this experience, I have learned so much about who kids really are and that a little respect goes a long way...even with the tough cases. I have learned to walk in my authority even when it is difficult yet love and show compassion and see the good in all people...that a kid messed up in drugs etc. can still be a really nice kid...that kids dabbling in witch craft are at least open to the supernatural and believe it is real, that some of the kids who dress the scariest are actually, some of the greatest kids and the ones who look and seem so "normal" are really the most messed up....I learned to look at the heart and not the appearance or mask.

I pray that I had even half the effect on these students that they have had on me.
I am blessed .

Now, I am ready to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer: beach days, laid back routines, maybe a road trip or two...my friends and family.

To top it all off and start the summer off right, a wonderful new store opened yesterday in the mall....(a summer gift to me, though I'll share with all of you), 

(This is the motto by which I begin every single day)

My senses were on over load as Jonathan and I smelled tin after tin of aromatic tea infusions...ahhhhh
So, once having the amazing "Tea Master" demonstrated, I absolutely had to buy one, (pictured below), this thing is wonderful and not a single tea leaf made it's way to my cup...if you love tea and want to experience it in it's truest form...or want to broaden your horizons to include this life altering experience, you really must
check out this little beauty.
I also picked up this incredible smelling Strawberry Kiwi "tea" to make ice tea with this summer. It has actual little pieces of dried fruit etc in the tea...you really must go in and smell some of these teas, they are incredible.

A successful new adventure, summer vacation, and new tea...life truly is good!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I want to thank...

Jewels nominated me for this award, and I just wanted to say thanks! Click on over and visit with her for a while, if you get a minute. She is a mommy of three wee princesses and hubby is away with the military. Needless to say, it's easy to get overwhelmed, and sometimes an encouraging word is a help...sometimes, just being able to connect with a bigger world than the one that preoccupies our personal lives is a great way to refocus, for all of us.

Thanks again Jewels..blessings from Canada!

I am going to pass on the kindness to Deborah in South Africa...a sweet lady who loves the Lord and her "Dollas"...Her blog used to be called "Deborah's Encouragement", and she has been just that to me on more than one occasion...another great blog to visit if you want to refocus and realize the world is not so big after all!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A New Day is Dawning

Notice the key here?
It's the state of OUR heart, not the depth of the darkness that dictates the dawning of the light.
Bitterness and unforgiveness only enable the darkness, yet when we are able to give grace, show compassion and act according to His righteousness IN THE MIDST OF OUR DARKNESS, it is then that His light will "dawn".
Help me Lord to be upright before you.