Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So...What have I been up to?

So much has been going on since I posted back in Feb. Goodness! Tomorrow is April!!
So where do I begin?
 "Let's start at the very beginning....a very good place to start".
(Pardon me, Centennial's production of "The Sound of Music" still rings in my ears)

Valentines '09, our 20'th Valentine's celebration...we dined at Tomasos...ohhh, YUMMY!
Hubby invested in probably the most meaningful gift to date. A Deluxe copy of "The Love Dare" and his and hers leather journals to record our love dare.
Maybe not the most expensive gift he's given, but by far the most costly and the biggest investment.

Then came Angel Girl #2's Birthday....
This had to be one of the most fun birthday parties we have ever done.
Picture 6 little girls at their own PJ spa complete with pedicures and facial masks (Jianna insisted we have "seaweed" masks and cucumber eyes). Oh! Never mind trying to picture it, I will post the pictures
The girls made their own sleep masks cut from those wonderful foam sheets you can buy at craft stores, and decorated with glitter and stickers and all things girly. We had a treasure hunt for their spa goodies to be used during the party. These girls can really SQUEAL!!!

Watching 7-10 year olds gush over Teeny-Bopper Heart throbs was HILARIOUS!!!

Happy Feet!!!!

This little girl is Janaia, Jianna's very best friend in the whole world, they truly love each other. They light up at the sight of each other, even after being in the same class together, since Jianna began school, three years ago. I wanted you to see Janaia's gift. Her mom told me she spent the most time ever on this parcel. I was amazed, as lovely as it is, it is all newspaper that Janaia sponged paint all over. She made the bow from tissue and ribbons and included a little scrap booked card she'd made as well, it was a shame to open it.

The "Oh so Necessary" cucumber eyes
This had to be the cutest thing ever!!! Aren't they adorable!!!!

The only thing I did not get a picture of that I regret horribly, was Jianna's hero daddy, the one who hates feet more than anyone I have ever known...(I never even got foot rubs when I carried his children!!!), painting tiny little girl toes with me!!!
Absolutely PRICELESS!!!!

Not long after the party, my hard drive on my one year old Macbook, up and died. Not a cough, sneeze or hiccup to warn me either!
Being the non techy girl that I am....NOTHING was backed up!
So, my address book is all but empty, my pictures are all gone....so glad I was a faithful blogger up to that point, at least I have those pics!
Let me tell, you, it was a hard lesson, but all four of our computers are now backed up constantly!

I have lots more to "Show and tell", not the least of which is my new full time job, but that will all have to wait, because Hubby and "Seven Pounds" are waiting for me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"From My Blog"...through Rhonda

Hello. This is a message from your blog. Remember me? Beauty from Ashes?
Yes, yes, you remember. We were so close. But, you've become busy and don't have much time for me anymore.
I feel very neglected. Please come back. I need to tell the world about you and how you love God, your family and your friends. We need to get back together. I miss you.


Beauty from Ashes

 I have been on a bit of a "hiatus" for the last while and it would appear that my Blog/Rhonda has felt somewhat neglected.
So much has been going on and I will update soon. For now, I decided to treat my Blog to a Spring makeover so it would know it is not truly neglected.