Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"From My Blog"...through Rhonda

Hello. This is a message from your blog. Remember me? Beauty from Ashes?
Yes, yes, you remember. We were so close. But, you've become busy and don't have much time for me anymore.
I feel very neglected. Please come back. I need to tell the world about you and how you love God, your family and your friends. We need to get back together. I miss you.


Beauty from Ashes

 I have been on a bit of a "hiatus" for the last while and it would appear that my Blog/Rhonda has felt somewhat neglected.
So much has been going on and I will update soon. For now, I decided to treat my Blog to a Spring makeover so it would know it is not truly neglected.


Shaun and Holly said...



Maureen said...

Welcome Back I love the new update very Spring Chic
We've missed you but we all need to rest sometime
Glad you're back I always enjoy reading your blog

Anonymous said...

Nice new look