Sunday, February 8, 2009

The peace and Slumber of God

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

This verse was Jonathan's testimony Friday night.
Jonathan left Thursday with his high school basketball team for a tournament in Ottawa. Mark left Friday, to go down and cheer them on, staying with relatives of mine who live in the area.

At some time on Friday, an obviously disturbed man set a minimum of 3 fires around Ottawa destroying at least 10 businesses.
I don't have the whole story, but it seems this man later took refuge in an Ottawa hotel. He happened to choose the hotel that my son and his teammates were staying in. If that were not concerning enough, he happened to be assigned the room RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my son.

At some point on Friday night, a number of police as well as medical attendants descended on this very room in order to apprehend the man who had apparently been badly burned in these fires. 
His screams awakened the coaches who were staying farther down the hall.
Thinking it was one of their boys, they raced to try and reach the part of the hall where my son was but were stopped by police.

As you can imagine, this whole episode would have taken quite a bit of time and a great deal of noise...YET, my son and his team mates SLEPT through the entire ordeal.
They never heard or saw a thing and were spared the trauma that could have accompanied witnessing such an event.

That is the peace of God...and as a mother, I am so very, very thankful.


Rhonda said... a mother, it would feel so good to know that your son slept through the whole thing. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Woa!!! Talk about your last post now being applied to your life!!!
God was definitely taking care of him.

Maureen said...

God is soo Good.
Praise you Lord for protecting us from the craziness of this world even while we sleep.
Jen I am glad Jonathan and his teammates are safe.

Williams Family Blog said...

Thank you Jesus that the events of Friday night were so uneventful for Jonathan not even his sleep was disturbed. That is peace if I ever heard it.

Jen said...


I'm pretty sure you are talking about the Don't worry post and I hadn't actually seen the direct connection...(yeah I know, I am a true blond, albeit a dark one).
I had been thinking of that post concerning some other areas, but God knew what was coming and what reminders we needed in order to be of the right heart and mind...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how he repeatedly uses such simple gentle reminders to go..."Hey! You need this deep in your heart, so pay attention!"

I've always prayed that God would take care of my kids when I couldn't be with them and taught them that He is better at taking care of them than I even am...He is soooooo abundantly Faithful and Trustworthy!!!!

Shari said...

Amazing - God is so very good!

Holly said...

Awesome! What a great God we serve and love!

Patty said...

Oh Jen,
I am so thankful to hear your "baby" was OK! Scary!

Patty said...

Oh Jen,
I am so thankful to hear your "baby" was OK! Scary!

Tamatha said...

Wow! That's crazy!

redeemed diva said...

That is such a cool story. Way to go, praying Mom! God watches over us all the time!

Shaun and Holly said...

I miss you blogging BUT you are only a telephone call away! :)

Can't wait to hear about how the 1st few days at the new job went!


Rhonda said...

Hello. This is a message from your blog. Remember me? Beauty from Ashes?
Yes, yes, you remember. We were so close. But, you've become busy and don't have much time for me anymore.
I feel very neglected. Please come back. I need to tell the world about you and how you love God, your family and your friends. We need to get back together. I miss you.


Beauty from Ashes