Friday, May 25, 2007

The Things We Do For Love....

Still in my deep sleep full of dreams, I hear him...

"Get up, it's beautiful out, come on..."

I'm thinking, "no, it's too early....Lord let him be talking in his sleep again."

He knows I am NOT a morning person. If I had no responsibilities, 8:00 would be my perfect wake up time. Seriously....I've tried the early rise thing, trying to enjoy some peaceful moments before my day begins. IT NEVER WORKS!

Little sleeping ears become instantly alert at the slightest lifting of my covers to quietly creep out of bed. They just KNOW....I am better to take my time at night when they are all sound asleep, and won't get up no matter how much noise I, I do what works.

On the other hand, HE can walk through the house, banging doors, wearing shoes you name one moves!

"What time is it?"

"5:30, I've been awake since 5:00...come on, let's get up ....we'll go for a walk"

NOOOOO, he didn't say it...."walk"

He knows I love quiet walks....

This is the same man that I begged forever as a newly wed, to go for walks with me....

I learned to enjoy being alone, and that God gives us girl friends to do the things with that our husbands hate.

I have adjusted quite fine, now here I am almost 18 years later, and I am being woken up at the unbelievably early hour of 5:30 to go for a walk....with him...

I can't say no...he might never ask again...

I am awake now, I sleepily get cleaned up and dressed

We write the kids a note, and sneak out very one moves until after we come back. How is that possible?

It really was a beautiful morning. Only the bunnies and birds to greet us, beautiful warm sun, the promise of a wonderful day and dare I hope....future walks....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Little known Facts about Jen:

Well, I am finally getting around to my Meme tag....thanks Rhonda and Joy.

Let's see...what might you guys not know...

1) In my world, Jen is short for JANICE....true, not Jennifer. Though I often let the Jennifer reference go, it's just easier some times.
So, here it is. My dad called me "Janny" as a little girl. My sister is only 16 months older, and had never heard Janny, so called me Jenny. As kids, she was usually introducing me to her friends, therefore Jenny became my name. I fought it for a few years, then came to like it. Actually it was Jenny except for business and school until we came to Belleville. Mark shortened it to Jen.
So, you can tell how long someone has known me based on what they call me. My YOUNG, but lengthy friend Holly calls me Jenny. Also, any little people I have ever looked after have known me as Jenny

2) I was a military...(Navy), brat for about the first 8 years of my life. Dad left the Navy for banking...still lots of transfers back then.

3) I took first Communion at the age of 4 with my sister our first time to the Catholic Church. No Catechism classes nothing! My mother had a fit. Don't send a 4 and 5 year old to church alone if you strongly believe in traditions. We didn't know, just did what everyone else was doing. It's a "forerunner thing" I think!

4) I left home, and Nova Scotia at the age of 16. Finished high school while living with friends who ran Circle Square Ranch in Sussex, New Brunswick.

5) I used to Barrel Race...AND was a Rodeo Clown, (that's probably easier to believe!). I have pictures to prove both. Did it while living/working at Circle Square Ranch in NB. I didn't say I WON any races...might have been a clown racing as well.

6) I was fired from one job. It was during probation...and I was a Teller in banking. I was 19, and devastated. As a perfectionist, (then not now) and an over achiever, there was only one answer. I got a college diploma in banking, and set about to be a very successful banker....didn't even care for the career...I had something to prove, and did it until I could leave it for something I was passionate about. My kids! Yes, I am still very determined...ask Mark...but usually for things I am passionate about now.

7) One of the greatest experiences of my life was doing a three month missions trip to Fiji. I went with YWAM Hawaii, 3 months there first...(if you are going to do missions do it right!!!).
I taught Scripture classes in the schools a couple of days a week. Did plays, puppets, Even worked in a grocery store 1 afternoon a week. I was a young blond very white was good for business. Didn't make any money, but met a lot of people.
I would have stayed in Fiji I think forever, if I hadn't had student loans to deal with....enter banking. ( I think Mark, and maybe Dave Ramsey are OK with that student loan!!!!)

There you have it...some lesser known facts about Janice LeAnne Patey...Piers. AKA: Janny, Jenny, Jen!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mom's Beautiful Hands...

I have in my possession my mother's baby book. She was born in Halifax NS- Donna Marie O'Connell. After a description of her eye color, her hair, her Nanny wrote under remarks...."Beautiful Hands"

I want to tell you about my mother's beautiful hands...

As a very little girl, my mother's hands were folded in prayer.

As she grew, they practiced piano tirelessly.

At 19 she gave her hand in marriage to a young sailor, Benjamin Warrick Patey.

One year later, those beautiful hands held her first beautiful daughter, my sister.

Only 16 months would pass before those same hands would hold her second

There were pushes on swings, diapers to change, carrying of children, meals to be prepared and so many hugs to be given by my mother's beautiful hands.

I was not yet three, when those beautiful proud hands held her son for the first time.

Though sometimes tired and very busy now, both in the home and at work; there was always time made to create with those beautiful hands,

There were special cakes to be made for every celebration.

The clothes that would be sewn so beautifully...I was so proud of the dresses my mom would make for me.

There was canning of all sorts to be done....jams, pickles, fruit, vegetables, the list continues.

There was often very little money, but my mother's hands...led by her beautiful heart...always made celebrations special. Christmas was her favorite. Not a room in our home would be without decorations of every sparkly, colorful nature. The baking began by mid Fall...always with the fruit cake...and progressed right until Christmas.

She would sew and knit and make crafts so there were always gifts. Doll and Barbie clothes...sometimes even the dolls were hand sewn with love.

In 1993, my mother typed tirelessly to create a very special gift for my sister and I, she copied all of the family favorite recipes into a huge binder, with all of the names of the contributors and the stories behind many of the people and recipes. She wrote us a letter at the front of the book. It reminds us of many things she created over the years, and her desire that she would remain a part of our Christmases through these recipes even when she was no longer with us...none of us could have imagined that 5 years later, we would celebrate our last Christmas with mom. Yet, because of those beautiful hands, she is always a part of my home and my Christmas.

When all the preparations had been done. Those beautiful hands would welcome one and all to come. Family, friends, neighbors...often a stranger, everyone was welcome to share in the beauty of Christmas in our home. As a teenager, the tradition became, after the Christmas Eve. Candlelight Service, the whole church was invited back to our house for food and fun.

I remember one year when we were all teens, my mother's beautiful hands led our family to a local restaurant to help serve meals to those who were alone at Christmas.

When my son, Jonathan, made my mom a grandmother for the first time, those beautiful hands held him dearly. She truly cherished her grandchildren, and her creative, beautiful hands began to create for and with them. Those hands wrote songs for each of the grandchildren that she got the privilege of meeting. There were baby blankets and outfits...and when they were old enough...(or mom thought they were), food.

Though those hands were kept busy with daily tasks, gardening, painting, and the like. They would stop everything to greet with a hug.

My mother told me when I was pregnant with my first child that you couldn't do much about the body in pregnancy; but you could always wear nice shoes, lipstick and have beautiful nails. I listened to two of the three...nails have never been my thing.

My mother loved color particularly bright color. Her lipstick was red, as were her nails....when she kissed the grandchildren, inevitably there were bright red lips to be removed from a cheek, forehead or nose. (I was so happy when smudge less lipstick was developed, and bought some for my mom for mother's day that year!)

Five months before she died, though her body was reeling from constant, undiagnosed pain; my mother's beautiful hands helped to pack my home for a move. Those same hands harvested and preserved a huge garden only 3 months before her death. She had left so many preserves for my father, it was as if she'd known and prepared. We had to give away jars and jars...the shelves of the basement were lined row upon row.

By the time my mother's beautiful hands held the grand daughter she had waited so long for me to have...her name sake, Maria; she knew that she would only be with us a short while longer. I decorated her home for Christmas that year, and did as much of her favorite baking as my tired hands of a 6, 2 1/2 year old and a 4 week old would allow.

My mother's one request of me, when she awoke from a nap to find her home looking like hold me on her lap with those beautiful hands once more. I so badly wanted to oblige, but the cancer that was taking her away, would have broken her now weak bones. We cried, and those beautiful arms hugged me once again.

On Jan. 12, 1999 (her mother's birthday, and both of their "Jesus birthdays") my mother's beautiful hands were folded one last time as her spirit went to be with her Jesus.

For years that was my final memory of my mother's beautiful hands...but a little over a year ago, my God gave me the most precious gift.

When my fourth child Jianna was born, I was so excited, but I cried in the delivery room because I wished that my mother could see her. I ached over the years knowing that she was the only one of my children who had no pictures with Nanny's beautiful hands holding her.

It was nearing Maria's birthday that that point her birthdays were celebrated as bitter sweet...I was told my mother had cancer the night before I gave birth to her, and she died when Maria was only 7 weeks old.

God changed that for me just before Maria's 7'th birthday.

I went to bed one night and had the most amazing experience...I purposely choose the word "experience" because it was far more real than any dream.

I spent the whole night visiting with my mother. We both knew that she was here temporarily from Heaven and neither of us knew how long she would be there. She told me that she had asked God if she could come....that I needed her. I asked her question after question about Heaven. I wish I could remember them all. I asked about the food that she ate, the grass, the music...if God hugged her. Every question was answered with the most beautiful smile....she smiled the entire time. Finally I said "mom, if I could have anything at all, I wish I could have a picture of you holding Jianna...she's the only one of my children you never got to hold". Immediately, Jianna was in her lap, and as the two visited, I searched for my camera; wondering the whole time if my mom would actually show up in the picture. I knew that she was not in a physical body.

I never found my camera, but I now have the picture I had always wanted...

In my mind and my heart is the clearest picture of my little Jianna sitting in her Nanny's lap. My mother's beautiful hands folded in death are no longer my last is of those absolutely beautiful hands holding my beautiful daughter.

I am finally able to only CELEBRATE my daughter Maria's birth...the way my mother and her beautiful hands would have.

Although there are tears in the writing of this tribute, there are no longer any in my celebration of Mother's Day . That night with my mother changed everything, and I truly understand that she is more alive now, than she ever was on earth.

She is now in the presence of our savior, and those beautiful hands are lifted in worship to Him.

It truly has been a Happy Mother's Day!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

In Honor of Grandmas:

I want to celebrate grandmas today. All Grandmas, physical grandmas and grandmas in the spirit. On the weekend two grandmas let me know that they were quietly reading our me, that is an honor. Thank You!

This week I was sent a dream for input. This was a very special dream from a child. One part of the dream really made me smile. Without getting into the whole dream, this part indicated that in this move of God that is now upon us; there was a leading roll from the Grandmas.

I know we hear a lot about what God is about to do in THIS generation. Do you know that a "generation" is 40 years? Any 40 years. So, starting this year, anyone who is on the earth at any point in this 40 year window is a part of THIS generation. The babies born today, and my 93 year old Grandma in Halifax are a part of THIS generation!

I especially want the grandmas to know that you are valued and needed...God will not be leaving any of you out in this next move....He's not done with you, and don't let the enemy make you think you are.

Let me tell you about my Nanny.

This is my mom's only living Grandparent.

She was born Doris Pellerine, a devout Acadian Catholic. She married my Grandfather Ronald O'Connell and together they had 4 mother Donna was the third.

Nanny has always been a strong, fun and often feisty lady. She and my mom became born again Christians together when I was about 8 years old.

Nanny began praying then for all of her children and grand children to serve the Lord. She began to pray consistently for all of us....she still does.

Nanny has given her descendants quite a legacy. She is a trained artist, her medium of choice was oils. She is musically very talented and both of these gifts have filtered down scattered in one way or another throughout her children, grand children and great grand children.

Her greatest legacy, is in the spiritual gifts she has given though. A legacy of Salvation, intercession, witnessing and the inheritance I have most recently discovered, the gift of the prophetic.

This gift became clear during my last visit with her this past summer.

You have to understand that my mother and grandmother were searching for spiritual truth long before they became born again. As with many who are looking for something tangible, they faltered in to the occult. They were both quite effective in many of the psychic trappings. God actually used a dream I still remember from my child hood to wake them up to the dangers of what they were dabbling in. They got away from that snare, and began to pursue Him.

Now, Nanny is quite healthy and although her mind is still very clear, she has times of forgetfulness. While I was visiting her in the nursing home, my nanny began to tell me of the young nurses and doctors that she prays for and talks to. She began to tell me that she "tells their future". I listened with a smile, though inside I feared she had gone back , in her mind, to the times that she was involved in the occult. She leaned forward and said, "I don't use cards though. I pray in Hebrew (tongues), then God tells me something or shows me a picture".

Nanny didn't have all the "Christianese" straight, but she was talking about the prophetic. Later, when it was time to leave, I asked my Nanny to pray for me. She was AWESOME! She told me that she was going to tell my future. I laughed and said, "Nanny, you can tell me anything you want as long as you are hearing from God!" She proceeded to pray in tongues, (which by the way, sounds an awful lot like Hebrew), and then began to share what she saw. What an experience and an awesome legacy!

Nanny spent a lot of time...after she figured out that I not only knew "her Donna", but was her daughter...telling stories about my mom. I wish I could have known that part of my mom. I was only 30 when she died, so was just starting to appreciate all that my mom was. It seems Nanny passed on a legacy of a sense of humor as well. She would tell stories of family reunions when others (Nanny thought) were embarrassed by their silliness. Singing old french songs, and Irish lullabies...better known as Irish drinking songs!

I laughed so hard at her kids thought she was awesome.

Nanny is still very young looking for her 93 years, my mom always looked very young as well....I BLESS them, for that legacy, and claim it as well!

Nanny told us that in the nursing home where she is staying, they move you up a floor as you get older. Nanny still has about three floors to go. Mark looked at her and said, "well Doris you are 92 (at the time), how old do you have to be to get to the top?"

Nanny never missed a beat, with a twinkle in her eye, and a smile on her face, she quips back, "You can always lie!"

There are times that Nanny would wonder why she hasn't been able to die and go and be with "her Donna".

I took her hand, looked her in the eye and told her; "Nanny, you are not done here yet. Who else is going to pray over and tell those young nurses and doctors about Jesus?"

She smiled, I think she got a glimpse of her worth here on earth yet.

Grandmas, know that no matter how old and even tired you may get in the years to come, we love, honor and need you, and your influence on the earth is great and by no means over!Leave a legacy that will bring the kind of honor my Nanny has harvested.

Be Blessed, and know you don't go unnoticed!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Power of a Praying Woman

I remember as a 13 & 14 year old girl laying in my bed in prayer at night. Although no one had ever taught me to pray this way...(in fact, I felt very silly about it in the natural), I would pray for my unborn children, grand children, and great grand children.

I never told anyone, and I couldn't make perfect sense of it; but I had read in the Bible about things like generational curses and the sins of the Fathers being visited on the children and the children's children. I had read that God knew us before we were born, so, I figured we must have existed on some level before we were ever thought of in the natural. If we existed, maybe we could change things in prayer. Although I felt a little silly, deep inside I felt like I was on to something.
Admittedly, most of my prayers were from a place of desperation and fear. I had seen and experienced a lot of things growing up that I did not want to have put on my children. I would pray for my own parenting skills, and even cried out to God, that if I was going to repeat history I did not want Him to allow me to have children.
Yes, I was a very intense child and teenager...I believe that is partly why God has given me (as an adult), such joy in simplicity, and a desire to see through the eyes of a child.

Over time, I seemed to get some understanding of the goodness of God, and stopped praying not to have children, instead, nightly I prayed blessing on all of my children. I was very specific, I prayed about their health, I prayed for their wisdom, and knowledge. I prayed that they would grow in favor with God and man. I prayed that they would love God with all of their hearts. I prayed for their teachers, their bosses, their spouses. I have spent a great deal of time in prayer over each of my children's spouses, their protection, their families...their heart for God, and all of their parenting skills.

It was a lot of years of sowing those prayer seeds, before I would begin to understand the impact that they have had; even yet, I am only seeing glimpses. As time has gone on, and I have actually become a mom. I have had to learn to trust God, and walk out many of those prayers. Here is where I begin to see His faithfulness to the prayers of a young, passionate (albeit scared), girl.

As my children have progressed through various stages, I see God's hand in and on them. is everything perfect? Of course not, but I have learned to trust my Father even in that. At times I marvel at the beauty in their lives, and the ways that God has brought them so much farther at much younger ages than I had ever dreamed of for myself.

He truly has blessed each one of them.

About 6 months before I was pregnant for my youngest child, Jianna, I had a dream. In this dream, I was weeping and in intercession for my unborn child. In the dream, I had just discovered that I was carrying this child who was already big enough to feel it's kicks and bumps. I was concerned that I had not sought out care earlier in the pregnancy.

Mark was trying to reassure me, but I was inconsolable. As I am crying, I hear the audible voice of God in the dream. He said to me, "You have prayed for all of your children since you were a child, those prayers have covered this child as well".

Those words from God, were truly a comfort months later when I discovered I was pregnant, and had been taking mega doses of allergy meds. just to be able to function . They were an even greater comfort when at 7 1/2 weeks pregnant, I was involved in a very serious car accident. I did not spend the rest of that pregnancy wondering even for a minute if the baby would be Father's words rang in my ears constantly. When this healthy beautiful child was born, I was able to really look at the dream and see God's hand on my life, and on the lives of all of my children. I was also able to receive the confirmation of all of those prayers so many years before. My Heavenly Father had outright told me that He'd not only HEARD them...He'd answered them, and they were bearing fruit.

That has brought me so much freedom as a parent, but also as an intercessor. God' hears my prayers and they do make a difference.

Do I expect my generations to grow up without ever a bump in the road? No, but I know that my God will work all things together for their good.

Whenever possible, I encourage kids...mine, and others, to pray their hearts desires to God. To pour out blessing on their own lives. To pray for their spouses and children and children's children.

We serve a God who loves to not only hear, but answer our heart's cry.

There truly is tremendous power in prayer...and when we do not yet see the fruit, we must persevere in our sowing.

Women, moms, grandmas, girls you can change the course of future history through your prayers. You need to understand the effect you have praying from a "mother's heart"...whether or not you ever become a mother in the natural. Women are born nurturers and we can be mothers to a multitude in the spirit without ever giving birth physically.

Sing, O barren, thou [that] didst not bear;

break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou [that] didst not travail with child: for more [are] the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD.

Isaiah 54:1

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Partners through Prayer

Thank you for your prayers...I literally felt the support that was coming from the prayers being lifted on behalf of our teaching time last night. Very early on, almost from before we actually began the teaching, I felt a very thick sense of Holy Spirit with us in the room. I was so thankful, and really want you to understand that when you PARTNER, (that's what you are doing), in prayer with a person or ministry; you are EQUAL reapers in the harvest.
Seriously, read David's story in 1'st Samuel 30. In this case, those who stayed behind were exhausted and in mourning; but a precedent was set according to verse 24 and 25.
"...the share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the SAME as that of him who went down to the battle. ALL WILL SHARE ALIKE. David made this a statute and ordinance for Israel from that day to this"

So, very interesting night! This was a totally different class from the one I taught 2 months ago. there was a spiritual maturity in the room and a tremendous hunger. This class consisted of a number of ministry leaders and boy did they have questions!!!
All very solid, very relevant questions but wow!

God is doing some incredible things in and through some of these lives...I was humbled and privileged to have been witness to much of it. Due to the class hunger, and the fact that there were some other things Gaetane wanted shared last night, we did not have time to actually interpret dreams. So, Gaetane has asked me to return next week to do a whole night of interpretations; and is actually considering making it a three class topic in future courses(right now it is 2...she does an introductory teaching the first night).
So, yes more prayer coverage would be highly appreciated. Two specific areas: 1) Gaetane is checking dates, but may be at the Prophetic Council for Canada meetings in Ottawa that night....which means she would then be handing the responsibility of the whole class over to me...(a little scary) 2) from some of the experiences shared, I know there are going to be some very deep very challenging dreams coming from this class. I really need Daniel's mantle!

With all that we experienced, I know Holly would agree, it was a very awesome yet very sobering night. Thank you all so much for your support, and thank you Holly for being such a help in prayer, deed and KEEPING ME AWAKE!!!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Calling All Praying Bloggers...

I have some more posts about women that I so desperately would like to get out...for now, that will have to wait.

As many of you know...many of you were there, we just completed an INCREDIBLE "Take the Limits Off" conference.
God moved so powerfully, imparted so many treasures, and literally shifted things in the atmosphere...the magnitude of which we may not understand this side of Heaven. He was AWESOME, we were challenged, empowered, strengthened and I pray CHANGED.

Needless to say, many very late nights...and my flesh does not seem to have taken in the message of "No Limits".

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am preparing to teach and walk people through dream interpretation tomorrow eve.
I truly am excited, and really want to be able to impart the vision of the tool that this gift is for reaching the lost.
Faytene Kryskow imparted some powerful downloads to me concerning this, and my spirit is so ready to go and do this.

"My spirit is willing, but my flesh is feeling very weak right now"; I am physically very tired, and have yet to update my notes, and prepare hand outs for the class.
This eve. I rest, tomorrow I finish my prep.
I am asking those of you whose heart God puts it on, for added prayer coverage as I prepare and go.

Miss "Happy Doodler" is going to join me tomorrow night, and I will be happy to have the company...particularly on the drive home...(one more late night).
I know God will be extremely faithful, but I want to make sure I do my homework and am prepared as well.

So, Father, I need you.
I need your physical strength...I need my time multiplied, (sleep hours and prep. hours).
I need you wisdom, revelation, and clarity of thought.
Pastor Jeff reminded me that the mantles and anointings are for the earth and do not go to Heaven...therefore, I am asking for even a portion of Daniel's mantle "to understand ALL dreams and visions..."
We need your presence in the class, and on our trip home...alertness for the drive.
Again, Thank you for your faithfulness!

I will update with good reports later in the week...for now, two little girls need my attention!
Bless you all!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I am a Friend of God....WOW!

As I sit here checking up on the ladies'...and "my Guy's" blogs, I hear this little yet powerful and very sincere voice in the background.

In her room listening to her new CD, is Jianna Belting out for all she is worth...."I AM A FRIEND OF GOD..."

As she rewinds and sings it over and over, it really begins to register...

I can see the smile, and maybe a tear, (not unlike the one that comes to my own eye), of my Heavenly Father. As my heart swells to hear her sing her praises so confidently; I know His heart is swelling to have her sing so unashamedly to Him.

I love to hear her worship, it takes me to a place of awe at the fact that she is so confident at 5 years old in her love for God, and His for her.

From this place of Awe, I find myself joining her in worship within my own heart...



He does...He LOVES me...He LOVES my children...He LOVES that they LOVE Him...He calls us all friend!!

As I think about how He must be feeling over Jianna's praise to Him....I hear a whisper...

"Jen....My heart swells equally at your praise to me...."

That whisper stops me...that's true isn't it? You love my praises much as Jianna's....

Simple truth...POWERFUL TRUTH!!!

We are both His daughters....we are all His daughters...and He inhabits our praises...He lives in and for our praises!