Sunday, May 6, 2007

Calling All Praying Bloggers...

I have some more posts about women that I so desperately would like to get out...for now, that will have to wait.

As many of you know...many of you were there, we just completed an INCREDIBLE "Take the Limits Off" conference.
God moved so powerfully, imparted so many treasures, and literally shifted things in the atmosphere...the magnitude of which we may not understand this side of Heaven. He was AWESOME, we were challenged, empowered, strengthened and I pray CHANGED.

Needless to say, many very late nights...and my flesh does not seem to have taken in the message of "No Limits".

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am preparing to teach and walk people through dream interpretation tomorrow eve.
I truly am excited, and really want to be able to impart the vision of the tool that this gift is for reaching the lost.
Faytene Kryskow imparted some powerful downloads to me concerning this, and my spirit is so ready to go and do this.

"My spirit is willing, but my flesh is feeling very weak right now"; I am physically very tired, and have yet to update my notes, and prepare hand outs for the class.
This eve. I rest, tomorrow I finish my prep.
I am asking those of you whose heart God puts it on, for added prayer coverage as I prepare and go.

Miss "Happy Doodler" is going to join me tomorrow night, and I will be happy to have the company...particularly on the drive home...(one more late night).
I know God will be extremely faithful, but I want to make sure I do my homework and am prepared as well.

So, Father, I need you.
I need your physical strength...I need my time multiplied, (sleep hours and prep. hours).
I need you wisdom, revelation, and clarity of thought.
Pastor Jeff reminded me that the mantles and anointings are for the earth and do not go to Heaven...therefore, I am asking for even a portion of Daniel's mantle "to understand ALL dreams and visions..."
We need your presence in the class, and on our trip home...alertness for the drive.
Again, Thank you for your faithfulness!

I will update with good reports later in the week...for now, two little girls need my attention!
Bless you all!


Holly said...

Don't worry girls...I will talk, talk, talk to Jenny (while she is driving) to keep her awake. If that doesn't work I will poke her. HA! ;o)
Pray for me too...I want to "download" all this great teaching.

Amy said...

You have my thoughts and prayers.
Be blessed.

Nana Cheryl said...

I will be praying for you today Jen. I would LOVE to join you, but I have to REST today, plus we have our Blessings home group on Monday nights.

BLESS YOU as you prepare and develop your teaching notes for tonight AND future presentations. :o)

Williams Family Blog said...

Jen (and Holly),

I will be praying today.......I need to hear a report tomorrow on how things went. (I was beside you when you received that impartation).....

Bless you

Cheryl said...

I will be praying. There is no doubt, you will get supernatural strength from Him, He will do it. He's into doing the miraculous.

Rhonda said...

Oh Jen, you have so much to offer. What great timing to be going to this after such a great in-filling.

Looking forward to all of the great reports.