Friday, May 18, 2007

Little known Facts about Jen:

Well, I am finally getting around to my Meme tag....thanks Rhonda and Joy.

Let's see...what might you guys not know...

1) In my world, Jen is short for JANICE....true, not Jennifer. Though I often let the Jennifer reference go, it's just easier some times.
So, here it is. My dad called me "Janny" as a little girl. My sister is only 16 months older, and had never heard Janny, so called me Jenny. As kids, she was usually introducing me to her friends, therefore Jenny became my name. I fought it for a few years, then came to like it. Actually it was Jenny except for business and school until we came to Belleville. Mark shortened it to Jen.
So, you can tell how long someone has known me based on what they call me. My YOUNG, but lengthy friend Holly calls me Jenny. Also, any little people I have ever looked after have known me as Jenny

2) I was a military...(Navy), brat for about the first 8 years of my life. Dad left the Navy for banking...still lots of transfers back then.

3) I took first Communion at the age of 4 with my sister our first time to the Catholic Church. No Catechism classes nothing! My mother had a fit. Don't send a 4 and 5 year old to church alone if you strongly believe in traditions. We didn't know, just did what everyone else was doing. It's a "forerunner thing" I think!

4) I left home, and Nova Scotia at the age of 16. Finished high school while living with friends who ran Circle Square Ranch in Sussex, New Brunswick.

5) I used to Barrel Race...AND was a Rodeo Clown, (that's probably easier to believe!). I have pictures to prove both. Did it while living/working at Circle Square Ranch in NB. I didn't say I WON any races...might have been a clown racing as well.

6) I was fired from one job. It was during probation...and I was a Teller in banking. I was 19, and devastated. As a perfectionist, (then not now) and an over achiever, there was only one answer. I got a college diploma in banking, and set about to be a very successful banker....didn't even care for the career...I had something to prove, and did it until I could leave it for something I was passionate about. My kids! Yes, I am still very determined...ask Mark...but usually for things I am passionate about now.

7) One of the greatest experiences of my life was doing a three month missions trip to Fiji. I went with YWAM Hawaii, 3 months there first...(if you are going to do missions do it right!!!).
I taught Scripture classes in the schools a couple of days a week. Did plays, puppets, Even worked in a grocery store 1 afternoon a week. I was a young blond very white was good for business. Didn't make any money, but met a lot of people.
I would have stayed in Fiji I think forever, if I hadn't had student loans to deal with....enter banking. ( I think Mark, and maybe Dave Ramsey are OK with that student loan!!!!)

There you have it...some lesser known facts about Janice LeAnne Patey...Piers. AKA: Janny, Jenny, Jen!


Roxanne said...

I especially like Fact #5.

Amy said...

Wow...clowning and barrel rolling...who would have thunk it?

Holly said...

That was fun to read although I think that I knew pretty much all of it! ;o) Does Jonathan ever talk about going to YWAM? I loved going and I have told the kid's about it, thinking that they may do that after they have graduated.

Re. You killing plants and Mark telling stories about it. Well...what about last summer when Mark sprayed the weeds (and some of your flowers)!! Didn't he say that it didn't matter what the spray touched, it would only kill the weeds??!!! (Or am I making this up...hummmmm??!)lol ;o)

Holly said...

Jen was talking about actually riding a horse...Barrel racing! ;o) Hidden talents!!!

Amy said...

HA HA!!!
As you can see, I know NOTHING about horses...(and never intend to learn...I'm scared of the beasts!!)... but now I am laughing LOUD b/c I was originally picturing some sort of stunt that allowed Jen to get into barrels and roll....TOO FUNNY!!!!

Thanks for the insight Holly!

Cheryl said...

YOu are one interesting woman!! And I know you are very determined. I wouldn't want to be in your bad books..............

Vicki said...

I have a friend in Saskatchewan who had little girl about 3 years ago and named her ... JANNEY!! Seriously!

Tamatha said...

oh make me laugh!