Friday, May 11, 2007

In Honor of Grandmas:

I want to celebrate grandmas today. All Grandmas, physical grandmas and grandmas in the spirit. On the weekend two grandmas let me know that they were quietly reading our me, that is an honor. Thank You!

This week I was sent a dream for input. This was a very special dream from a child. One part of the dream really made me smile. Without getting into the whole dream, this part indicated that in this move of God that is now upon us; there was a leading roll from the Grandmas.

I know we hear a lot about what God is about to do in THIS generation. Do you know that a "generation" is 40 years? Any 40 years. So, starting this year, anyone who is on the earth at any point in this 40 year window is a part of THIS generation. The babies born today, and my 93 year old Grandma in Halifax are a part of THIS generation!

I especially want the grandmas to know that you are valued and needed...God will not be leaving any of you out in this next move....He's not done with you, and don't let the enemy make you think you are.

Let me tell you about my Nanny.

This is my mom's only living Grandparent.

She was born Doris Pellerine, a devout Acadian Catholic. She married my Grandfather Ronald O'Connell and together they had 4 mother Donna was the third.

Nanny has always been a strong, fun and often feisty lady. She and my mom became born again Christians together when I was about 8 years old.

Nanny began praying then for all of her children and grand children to serve the Lord. She began to pray consistently for all of us....she still does.

Nanny has given her descendants quite a legacy. She is a trained artist, her medium of choice was oils. She is musically very talented and both of these gifts have filtered down scattered in one way or another throughout her children, grand children and great grand children.

Her greatest legacy, is in the spiritual gifts she has given though. A legacy of Salvation, intercession, witnessing and the inheritance I have most recently discovered, the gift of the prophetic.

This gift became clear during my last visit with her this past summer.

You have to understand that my mother and grandmother were searching for spiritual truth long before they became born again. As with many who are looking for something tangible, they faltered in to the occult. They were both quite effective in many of the psychic trappings. God actually used a dream I still remember from my child hood to wake them up to the dangers of what they were dabbling in. They got away from that snare, and began to pursue Him.

Now, Nanny is quite healthy and although her mind is still very clear, she has times of forgetfulness. While I was visiting her in the nursing home, my nanny began to tell me of the young nurses and doctors that she prays for and talks to. She began to tell me that she "tells their future". I listened with a smile, though inside I feared she had gone back , in her mind, to the times that she was involved in the occult. She leaned forward and said, "I don't use cards though. I pray in Hebrew (tongues), then God tells me something or shows me a picture".

Nanny didn't have all the "Christianese" straight, but she was talking about the prophetic. Later, when it was time to leave, I asked my Nanny to pray for me. She was AWESOME! She told me that she was going to tell my future. I laughed and said, "Nanny, you can tell me anything you want as long as you are hearing from God!" She proceeded to pray in tongues, (which by the way, sounds an awful lot like Hebrew), and then began to share what she saw. What an experience and an awesome legacy!

Nanny spent a lot of time...after she figured out that I not only knew "her Donna", but was her daughter...telling stories about my mom. I wish I could have known that part of my mom. I was only 30 when she died, so was just starting to appreciate all that my mom was. It seems Nanny passed on a legacy of a sense of humor as well. She would tell stories of family reunions when others (Nanny thought) were embarrassed by their silliness. Singing old french songs, and Irish lullabies...better known as Irish drinking songs!

I laughed so hard at her kids thought she was awesome.

Nanny is still very young looking for her 93 years, my mom always looked very young as well....I BLESS them, for that legacy, and claim it as well!

Nanny told us that in the nursing home where she is staying, they move you up a floor as you get older. Nanny still has about three floors to go. Mark looked at her and said, "well Doris you are 92 (at the time), how old do you have to be to get to the top?"

Nanny never missed a beat, with a twinkle in her eye, and a smile on her face, she quips back, "You can always lie!"

There are times that Nanny would wonder why she hasn't been able to die and go and be with "her Donna".

I took her hand, looked her in the eye and told her; "Nanny, you are not done here yet. Who else is going to pray over and tell those young nurses and doctors about Jesus?"

She smiled, I think she got a glimpse of her worth here on earth yet.

Grandmas, know that no matter how old and even tired you may get in the years to come, we love, honor and need you, and your influence on the earth is great and by no means over!Leave a legacy that will bring the kind of honor my Nanny has harvested.

Be Blessed, and know you don't go unnoticed!


Williams Family Blog said...

Oh Jen this is so beautiful!!

I have an Oma (grandma) who is 93 and in a nursing home too. She often questions why she is in a place with all these "old people".......

Grandmas have so much value, I have learned so much from mine over the much wisdom to impart to the younger generation.

Great post!

Roxanne said...

I think it is a great compliment when people tell me I am like my Grandma.

Amy said...

Wonderful Jen..
My mothers mother was a great mom tops all grandmas...
Thanks for sharing this.

Rhonda said...

Great post Jen. My Dad's mom passed before he and my mom married and my mom's mom passed when I was eight years old. I'm happy that my children have two healthy young grandmas.

Sue said...

Beautiful Jen, Happy Mother's Day to you!


Rhonda said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very

Holly said...

Happy Mothers Day Jenny!

I love you!