Monday, April 30, 2007

Get Ready...God's letting the women loose!

This goes for us women too girls....
Again, this is directed at the women corporately, but does not in any way discount what God is birthing and releasing through the men as well.

God has put the women on my heart for this season for a reason. I am repeatedly seeing this confirmed through many others, including many of you fellow bloggers.

Now, we can't just talk about this release...we need to be getting ready. God is wanting to release MANY, we need to be prepared to see others released, and to get ready for what God may be asking of us as individuals.

The hard part is that we rarely know what we are getting ready for...or what steps to take to get ready. All I can comment on is from my own life, what I have journeyed so far.

Repeatedly, I see God saying or doing things in me and through me personally, only to find out that I am but one example of what He is doing in the body as a whole. I have learned to look for the corporate, based on what He is doing in's just something He does.

So, I am telling you ladies....GET READY, GET EXCITED, STAY OPEN, AND DEAL WITH WHAT HE BRINGS UP AS HE DOES IT! That is where your preparation and training comes.

So, here is what God is releasing me into right now. Many of you will remember my stretching at the beginning of March, when God asked me to teach and walk people through dream interpretation for the first time ever. You were all such a touching support to me, and I really appreciate all of your wonderful encouragement.

Well, you dear prophetic ladies...many of you had comments having to do with the future, and what God would lead me into from this first major stretch. Get ready, you are next!!!

Today, my friend Gaetane called me again. Yes to do another course...this Monday night...right after 2 weeks of incredible busyness...and stretching and an amazing conference! All I can say, is thank you God, I have done it once, my notes are ready....and I will be very distracted, so will have little time to allow flesh to raise it's ugly head.

It gets even more interesting though. She has a vision to have this thing "snowball", she is looking to have some kind of a monthly gathering to train and equip those who have taken the courses to be a force to be reckoned with in this area of the prophetic.

She is looking to Scott and I to be involved in it leading, teaching leaders...we will see.

We are going to be getting a team of their people ready to do the dream part of the outreach that they will host again in August. The same outreach that got this ball rolling last August. Gaetane is thinking she wants Scott and I to head up this team. All of this is very preliminary, and is open for change....but WOW!!!!

I have to say I am excited, though very challenged! I know God will be very faithful in me and my part in all of this; just as He will in the whole ministry of seeing His gifts released in and through the rest of His body.

Again ladies, I am speaking prophetically here....GET READY, STAY OPEN, AND REMAIN HUMBLE. God is on the move, and there is truly an army of women being released....and it is not a long wait for many of you. God has already had you in your season of preparation for a very long time...and this is truly the season of release. Stay patient, but be ready!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Women...What Confuses us:

(this is not the real guy from my story...
he might make me chuckle)
I have to share a funny little experience I had today. I guess I will tie this into my "women" theme as one of the things that creeps us women out...or at least confuses us.

I had done some shopping, and was not yet ready to go home, I really wanted to enjoy the beautiful sunny day, and some rare alone time. So, I did what many of us Belleville girls do in a situation like that...I headed for the Bay.

It truly was a beautiful day and many others were thinking like I was. The walking paths were busy. This once, I did not want to be a part of the crowd...I wanted to observe, and to be alone...kind of.

So, I rolled down my windows, cranked some tunes and parked facing the bay.

I spent my time equally between people watching, and closing my eyes and thinking/talking with God.

All in all, it was refreshing. Eventually, I decided I should head home.

I was stopped at an intersection waiting on a red light, windows still still slightly cranked. I was minding my own business, waiting for the light to change. As I was preparing to make a left turn, I waited for the oncoming truck to come through the intersection first.

The driver of this "over sized PICK UP"...looked straight in at me as he passed....and WHISTLED!!!!

You know the kind ladies...the "cat call". Now, I have not been whistled at...(other than Mark) in years. I remembered this sound from younger days, and knew I was supposed to be impressed on some level. Strangely, I was not....I was CONFUSED...the more I thought of the incident, my confusion progressed to CREEPED OUT!!!

Had I at 38, just been whistled at by someone in his 30's or 40's....well, I might have had a chuckle, a smile and some vain thoughts. This was not an accurate description of my whistler though. Sitting in his over sized PICK UP, wearing a cowboy hat...(nothing wrong so far), was a man with snowy white hair who had to be at least 20 years my senior. My FATHER doesn't even have "snowy white hair"!!!!!

Does he somehow think this will impress me?

Or, do I seriously look old enough to be flattered by this man's attention?

Either scenario is scary....No comments will be posted that agree with the latter!!!!

So, to all of our "Anonymous male readers"...please learn from this little post.

If you are close to our age, and feel the need to "cat call"...we might be at least entertained...if on the other hand, you feel the need to whistle at a female who is clearly your junior by more than a decade....RESIST THE URGE!!!!!

We, will not be impressed or flattered, we will however, be very creeped out....and you may get posted about!!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Thinking Blog...

I know I make myself think anyway! I guess that is what I write about, the things that are on my heart, and therefore the things that make me think. I sort of "happened" on to blogging and have come to love it. As I go back and reread my posts...the silly and the serious, I begin to see a picture of me. Who I am, what makes me happy, sad, laugh or yes think a little deeper.

This has been a great tool for me to understand me, but more importantly to remind myself constantly of the goodness of my God in and through my life. To this day, I am reminded of so many ways that God is making something beautiful out of my life, and the lives of so many blogger friends that this has allowed me to connect with.

Thank you Rhonda for the nomination...and thank you to all of my blogger friends who have given me a wide variety of things to ponder over these past few months. You are all a treasure.

So, I am to nominate 5, not easy, especially since some have already been tagged. I will do my best. In no particular order:

1. The Happy Doodler-


Your blog is so refreshing! You make me think about so many things that seem so simple....but I love that I serve a God that uses the simple to confound the wise!


I love your posts so far, and want to encourage you to take the time to continue to have incredible insight, and are able to teach so clearly...Love you Babe.


Your blog has been an inspiring surprise. You are one of the ones I never really got to know, but you have a wonderful heart and a depth of spirit that I love. You tend to think a lot like me too...who wouldn't love that!?!?!?


We don't even know each other, but you have made me think about something and someone so deep within my much a part of me. You have encouraged me and inspired me (without ever knowing it), especially as you post from the point of view of the most incredible big Sister. You have given me confidence in my wait...even as my children continue to celebrate birthdays.

5. The Williams Family-


I love how you think, and how you put your thoughts into words. I especially love the spirit behind your posts. You have definately made me do some thinking.

For those who have been tagged, the Participation Rules are simple:
1. If, and only if, you are tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

Keep us thinking you wonderful bloggers...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beauty of a Woman

The twinkle in her eye

The blush of embarrassment

The tenderness of her voice

The connection when she smiles

The passion in her anger

The gift of her forgiveness

The loyalty of her friendship

The warmth of her embrace

The protection of her children

The devotion to her spouse

The strength of her character

The sadness of her tears

The freedom in her dance

The joy in her laughter

The sharing of her gifts

The lines on her face

The passion in her worship

The power of her prayers

The wisdom of her counsel

The committment as she serves

The depth of her love

The pursuit of her dreams

The wonder of her strength

The greatness of her God

This is the Beauty of a Woman

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Story of a Baby with Two Mothers

The following is a very intimate story about two extra ordinary

women. The two women...the two mothers that form the foundation of one baby/young man's life.

This is a true story. I only take credit for "penning" this story, because as you read, you will soon see that someone far greater than I, "Authored" every detail...from beginning to the yet unknown end.

We have no idea sometimes that our decisions...some of our toughest ones...are so pivotol in the fulfilling of every detail of God's plans for our lives, and the lives of countless others.

I know both of these women personally, and love and respect them both for the tough decisions they have made and how they affect our lives today.

“The Story of a Baby with Two Mothers”

Two Mothers? That could be argued, but as I see it, neither would hold the intimate place of Love in his heart, had it not been for the other. So yes the baby has two mothers.

It was 1965 in Perth NB, and a young woman, Ethelda, discovers that she is carrying a child…. Not a child she’d planned for at this time.

There were thoughts and even plans of marrying the father…but time proved that this was not the wisest of decisions. She makes the heart wrenching choice to find this child a home, but not just any home. Although she finds herself unwed, and pregnant, she does love the Lord with all of her heart, and hopes to find a home with two Christian parents, who will raise this child to truly love the Lord.

She thinks of an old friend from her adolescent days…. she’s recently been married and both she and her husband are Christian. Hope and George decide that yes, they would like to raise this child as their own.
Ethelda and her mom move to another town during the last months of pregnancy. They stay with a Pastor and his wife, all the while working out the details of a quiet adoption with Hope and George.
Eventually the baby boy is born.
Too soon for one mother, not soon enough for the other; the day comes for the baby to leave the hospital. This place of transition, where he was born from the womb of one mother, Ethelda, and carried to the arms and heart of another…Hope, who will love him and teach him to love the Lord. Hope and George are presented with their new son, Mark Anthony. The Pastor and his wife, who housed and cared for Ethelda, while she carried this baby, are now carrying the newborn to the parents who will become his family.
Mark grows up happy and healthy; over time the story begins to unfold of his adoption.

Mark is now 23 years old and newly married himself. He and his bride, Jen, establish their first home together in an apartment building in Fredericton, NB. They quickly meet and become friends with the weekend superintendents Glen and Lisa. Over the next year, through other sources, Mark begins to discover more and more of the story of his adoption….only to find out that his now good friend Glen was his first cousin by blood!

Mark kind of knew that was God, but after all, Fredericton, and the home of his two moms growing up were not that far apart…and not that big.

The years pass, Mark and Jen move back and forth to Ottawa a few times. Eventually they find themselves in a place they never imagined…marriage crisis.

Through some very God ordained circumstances, they decide to rebuild their lives in a small city near Toronto, with no connections but a church, and the desire to know God on a more intimate level than either had experienced before this time.

Mark meets a young man from the church , Steve, who helps with the move, and becomes a close family friend…like family! Eventually Steve marries a dear American girl. Mark is the best man at Steve’s wedding…and within the year Steve and his bride Jen are making plans to move to the US.

A few more years pass, and Steve’s brother Scott becomes a good friend to Mark. They got to know each other through church and eventually Scott moves to Oshawa.

It’s now 2005, and Mark has celebrated his 40’th birthday…he is in close contact with both of his mothers at this point, and has worked through much of the emotion and detail surrounding his adoption.
Hope has not been up for a Christmas in 8 years, though she used to come often. Mark gets the idea to fly her up for Christmas. They have a lovely time, and towards the end of the visit, Hope gives Mark the adoption papers and 3 letters written to her from Ethelda while she was carrying Mark.

It was difficult for her to part with them, but she wanted Mark to read them and to understand more that went into his transition called adoption.
Mark and Hope spend the last day of their visit calling around Belleville, looking for a Bill and Myrtle Stapley. They are the Pastor and his wife that cared for Ethelda, and carried Mark to the waiting arms of Hope. Hope had heard that they were in Belleville.

Although they worked tirelessly, in the end, they could not find them.

About 7am the next day, Mark says good bye to his mom at the airport in Toronto. As he leaves, He talks to God. He is feeling a little like he has been in the wilderness over the past 40 years, and is looking for a divine moment like some of his mentors. Mark meets his friend Scott for breakfast in Oshawa on the way home. Since Scott grew up in Belleville with the same Church affiliation as the Stapleys, Mark decides to see if he has heard of them. The conversation went something like this.

M: “Have you ever heard of a Pastor Bill Stapley?’
S: “You mean William and Myrtle?”
M: “Yes!”
S: “Why do you want to know about them?”
M: “She carried me from the hospital to my mom”

S: “…. They are my aunt and uncle!”

Two of Mark's best friends, are nephews of the man and woman that were so instrumental in the transition phase of Mark's adoption!!!!
Scott proceeds to get Myrtle on the phone, unfortunately, William died 2 years prior. Myrtle lives in Oshawa, and was so glad to speak to Mark…she said he’d made her day!
Six months later, when Ethelda came for her annual visit, she and Mark were able to visit and reconnect with has meant so much to both of Mark's moms.
Mark found out later through Jen and Steve, that Myrtle and Bill were at their wedding …when Mark stood as best man.

So maybe Mark had been in a bit of a wilderness, but don’t be fooled into thinking he was wandering…there was a cloud by day and a fire by night, that took him exactly where he was supposed to be at just the right time for every divine appointment that God had planned for him since he was knit together in his mother’s womb! He was being led every step of the way.

When I hear this story, all I can think of is that song…”How can I say there is no God…?”

Only He could have woven together the threads that have become this beautiful tapestry…and that was just the first 40…now comes the Promised Land years!

So, through Mark’s story, we get a glimpse of what is actually happening in each one of our lives….
Most of us never have the privilege of seeing it so vividly tied together, yet God is still weaving a beautiful Tapestry through each one of us. Have you noticed that in the most difficult, even traumatic seasons of Mark’s life…God was orchestrating an incredible outcome?

Have you noticed that in any colorful work of art, it takes the dark colors along side the bright and beautiful colors to create the beauty of contrast…to make the colors come alive?

In my own life, and in Mark’s life, I look back and see things I would never want to relive….
Yet, I can honestly say, I am truly thankful for even these. They are a part of our tapestry…and they make it far more beautiful and alive…


"Army of Women on a Reformation...."

Cheryl has begun another 21 day reformation, though I have not decided to officially join this one; the title has caught my attention, and confirmed some things on my heart. I have some posts brewing in my a wonderful pot of hot tea....

Posts about mothers and women. All kinds of mothers...and all kinds of women. I have been thinking about waiting until a little closer to Mother's Day to begin, but when I looked at the time frame of this latest Reformation...ending on or just before Mother's Day, I decided that this is confirming what is already on my heart.
So for the next 21 days, my blog focus will be on women, girls, mothers, grandmothers, ladies, aunts, sisters, friends....Anything that God places on my heart to do with women. I expect some will be funny, some very serious...some more inspired than others. Some about what makes us as women laugh, cry, smile, and even get angry...all of the wonderful emotions and character traits that make us very unique in our bond of "womanhood".

Starting with an amazing story that I "penned"....but did not "author" in Dec. 2005. Tomorrow I will post "A Baby With Two Mothers"...

On Mother's Day, I will post about my mom...a woman whose life, was so full of life....

between those two posts, well, we will have to see.

So enjoy a hot cup of something TEA......

Keep checking in as I begin a journey of discovery and revelation...into these wonderfully created creatures we call "Women".

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Standing Against Unrighteousness

I have to begin with a "disclaimer" here.

I am not advocating fighting as a way to resolve issues. Thankfully, not one of my children has ever been in a fist fight, (they were a "way of life" where I grew up). Having said that, I have instructed each of my children growing up, that we would back them 100% should they ever be in a fight out of self defence or because they were sticking up for another child. They have been taught to try every other means of resolution, from getting help, to walking away; BUT if they were "backed into a corner", they were to fight with all they had. They were shocked at these instructions...(as may be some readers), but they were not to be intimidated to a place of allowing someone else...child or hurt them.

They would react that they would get suspended. We agreed that that was likely to be the case, and that although we would talk to teachers...we might not be able to do anything about that.

IF it was self defence, they would not receive further punishment from us. IF ON THE OTHER HAND, they were involved in a fight that was not self defence....expulsion from school would become the LEAST of their worries!

As a very little girl, I think I was pretty confident. I was born a "Down East City Girl", had a lot of friends was the "life of the party" and was only in one fight that I remember, at least up to Grade 2.

There was a grade 4 bully at our bus stop. He terrorized a number of the girls...verbally and physically. This went on for ages, my older sister was one of the prime targets.
My parents tried to have it that time the school would only do something if the issue was on school property.
We would try to anticipate where he would get off the bus, and get off a stop or two earlier or later. He was smart enough to catch on to us...and would eventually come at my sister again. Once, he even held her face down in a ditch full of water.

Well, that did it for me. Some where along the way, I determined that this had to end, and that if this bully picked on any of the girls the next morning; (He never actually did anything to me during this whole time), I was going to give him "what for".
Sure enough, as we arrived at the bus stop the next morning, there he was mouthing off and intimidating some girl. I don't even remember being scared...he was quite a bit bigger than me, I walked right up to him and punched him as hard as my little 7 year old fist could, right in the stomach. I think I shocked him...I certainly couldn't have hurt him THAT much.

That was the end of the bus stop torment for all of the girls. From that day forward, that particular bully was very nice to my sister and I.
Actually, the next week, we got invitations to his birthday party....

As an adult, I think back to that incident, and wonder how much sooner the torment might have stopped if any of us had simply stood up to this bully sooner.
I think it is often the same with the enemy of our souls. I have watched, listened and come into agreement with his lies, and "bullying tactics", on more than one occasion over the years. I have allowed him to take his "punches " at me, and felt I had no recourse.
I have allowed him to dictate, who I was, and how much I was worth.
I'd say, looking back, he was pretty successful at bullying me into the corners he wanted me bound up in.

That was until my Heavenly Father taught me a valuable lesson...the purpose of my Ephesians 6 armor. He made it very clear to me that all but one piece of the armor that He requires me to stand in are for defensive purposes. I am not to go looking for battles with the enemy..but my Father gave me one amazing offensive weapon...the very same one Jesus used when He was face to face with the devil in the wilderness... I have the VERY sword that Jesus used to defeat the enemy that would try to destroy Him and His purposes. He left it to me, His heir...(and to all others who would choose to wield this mighty weapon). I don't have to allow myself to be bullied anymore, I can fight back with all of the power and might and AUTHORITY of the word of God.

Guess what? If, I find myself having to fight in self defence, or to go into battle on behalf of someone else who is being bullied by this enemy...MY HEAVENLY FATHER WILL BACK ME 110%!!!

Now all I have to do is to remember to stand up to him the first time he throws out an accusation...and not put up with the bullying for a while first.

He has to back down when I use my sword against him...he can not stand against the Word of God.

Unlike my childhood bully, the devil will try again, but my confidence comes in knowing that he has already been defeated, and as long as I stay in agreement with what my God says about me...the devil will be defeated over and over again in my life.

Isn't that AWESOME!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Slippers!!!!

Since it seemed so dear to my husband's heart, I thought I would continue the "TOE THEME"...just for a bit.

Today, Jianna and I went shopping...Children's Place (yes, Karen...AGAIN...MOSTLY exchanges). The manager loves me...I can be talked into girly things so easily....she is always soooo nice to me. Do you think she has an ulterior motive????
She's tried to hire me twice!

I had bought ankle socks for the girls...with discounts, just over a dollar a pair; I remembered that their larges fit me went back for more...and to see if the 50% sale had will be soon.

Anyway, Jianna fell in love with these very soft...very cozy flip flop slippers. they were $9.50 so I said "not today".
My manager friend said..."oh they are on sale today"...$5.50 + my VERY FREQUENT shopper discount of 10%...UNDER $5.00...Now I couldn't say "NO".
So, we picked a pair for each of the girls and rang it up. Then my manager FRIEND told Jianna that she had bought herself a pair....HHEEEYYYY....

Yep!! I am the very proud owner of very cozy BRIGHT PINK flip flop slippers...From Children's Place. After all I couldn't have found lady's slippers that cheap!

All us girls much fun!

As I mentioned in my profile....SIMPLE PLEASURES.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Praise report

I spoke to my friend at school today. She and her dad (grandma's son) loved her chocolate cake...which yes was a mix....but I guess the best they'd had.
Food is not truly a comfort....but I personally believe God helped us create things like Chocolate, cake and pumpkin muffins for times like can be distracted at least briefly by the "yummyness"...
The praise report, is that with all of our friend crashed and slept last night. She has not slept more than a couple of hours for a number of nights. I haven't heard about any dreams yet...but she knows about (and called to encourage me) when I was doing the dream the door is wide open!
Thank you all for agreeing with me, remember her when you can...the funeral is not until Friday I believe. God is good, and always faithful.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Joy Comes in the Morning...

Today, I spoke with a new friend of mine. She is someone that I have connected with as her children are classmates of 2 of my children. God has brought a real connection, and I have wondered what His purposes might be in that. She doesn't know the Lord yet, but has sought out advice; and we have had some very interesting conversations.

Today, she is in mourning...Her Grandmother passed away this weekend. This wasn't just any grandmother.
This was the kind of grandmother that she visited or called every day since she was born...up until Saturday.
This was the kind of grandmother who had to feed you every time you walked in the door...even if you were exploding from just having eaten.
This was the kind of Grandmother that you forced yourself to eat anyway, because it meant so much to her.
In later years, this was the kind of Grandmother, you popped in on instead of calling ahead, because if she knew you were coming, she would prepare food...and was really to weak to stand and do these things.

This Grandma had 4 daughters, and one friend.
That made my friend very special to this Grandma.
It also made My friend's daughter very special to this Grandma.
This is the kind of Grandma who could hardly get a breath the last night my friend visited her in the hospital...but someone had brought Banana Bread...and she insisted my friend last time.

As my friend cried, and reminisced, and told me stories about her reminded me of another Grandma...
I never had the privilege of growing up so close to my own grandparents....but my children's mom, was this kind of Grandma.
As this is my friend's first experience with grief...I related some of what I'd learned.
It has me thinking about mom...
Once again, there is sadness with that....eight years later, my friend's mourning makes the scar a little raw again.

For Mother's Day I will post about my mom...for now, I am so thankful for eternal life.
I am thankful that the mourning does pass.
I am thankful that over time, there are more smiles of remembrance than tears.
I am thankful that overwhelming pain...becomes rare.
I am thankful that He gives us Joy when we give Him our Sorrows.
I am thankful that in all of my very dark days, and all of my amazingly wonderful days, my Jesus was there.
I am thankful that my Jesus is with my friend tonight, even if she doesn't know it.
Father, be with my friend and her family tonight. Heal the wound that is so fresh and raw tonight. Give them hope...your hope, and help them laugh as they remember the good.
Help them to sleep peacefully tonight, and as they sleep, give them dreams that will show them your love for them. Use this passing Lord, to draw them to you. Father...bring them JOY IN THE MORNING....and in the MOURNING.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This One is For Holly...

I really ought to write something rather profound....probably on the side of healing and restoration...maybe cleansing. All to bring renewal to the eyes and minds of my dear Blogger friends. Sorry, it's too late at night for me to be very profound.

I do, on the other hand, have some photos that are far more beautiful than the feet of my dear, yet "humor challenged" husband.

Though, as you have seen, I have very little control over this man I married; I would like you all to take note that Mr. Piers has joined us in "Blogger Land"....though he was merciless in his ribbing me from the beginning of this venture.

He is listed in my Blogger Friends as "Our Destiny"....check him out. When He is not goofing around, tormenting ladies (I know where Michael gets it from), he really is rather talented....who'd have known?!!?!?

For now, enjoy my beautiful Babies...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not to be left out ...

Hello ladies,

After much thought, I have decided, against the better wishes of my wife, to post a guest blog ... it seems from reading certain comments that I need to understand the fine art of flattery ... well they say imitation is the best form of flattery ... so here it goes. Feast your eyes on these beauties!!!!!


We Need to be Entertained!!!!

This is a cry for help....
It is Saturday night...6:15...Jonathan is watching a movie, and the "three smaller people" are outside...terrorizing one another.

Mark and I sit in our...OOOPPSS!!!, on separate computers....blogging! Reading each other's comments, responding to each other's comments....this is funny ...but a little scary!

Anyone out there play Settler's or something...we really need to have people in I think!
I know I could whisk him away to just doesn't provide the thrill for me that it does for him...

For now, we blog...

Friday, April 13, 2007


I have been trying for ages to post a photo to my profile....I have also been frustrated for ages. Even my Tech. guys....Mark and Jonathan...could not figure it out. Don't ask me how...I probably couldn't repeat it...but it's there!

Bloom in Adversity...

" The Flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and Beautiful of all"

...Chinese Emperor in Mulan

My fellow Ontario Bloggers and myself, have been reflecting on the beauty of Spring, and bemoaning the persistence of Winter this year.

It has caused me to spend some time reflecting on all of this. I have discovered that our environment often speaks to us of Spiritual conditions.

"...the earth is the Lord's and the fullness there of..."

Today, in checking some of my favorite blogs, I came across the above quote from Mulan, written on the playroom wall of an incredibly adorable adopted daughter of China.

It caused me to think about the beauty of that quote, and to begin a search for the meaning behind it.

The earliest blooming flower in China is the Plum Blossom. It does not wait for the sun and the warmth of Spring to arrive before it blooms in the winter. The Plum Blossom blooms before the leaves of the tree are fully formed.

People believe that the plum tree blooms after enduring winter's hardship and its scent comes from surviving the bitter cold. Thus the plum blossom’s spirit of endurance signifies that great achievement only comes from deep commitment.

The beauty of plum blossoms are not just due to their color or that it is the only flower blossoming in the winter. It is also because each gentle petal has grown through the cruelty of the winter storm, and represents the essence of the process of growth.

The Chinese people LOVE what this flower represents...they believe it represents themselves as a people. It is being considered as a National symbol of China, and has been the focus of artists and poets alike for centuries.

Tr. Ed Peaslee:
Plum blossoms, plum blossoms grow everywhere.
The colder it is the more they bloom,
Plum blossoms persevering symbolize our glorious China.
Plum blossoms bloom everywhere, where there is earth they grow,
Fearless of ice and snow, wind and rain; it is our national flower.

There is a Chinese Proverb that states:

" When Literacy is loved
The Plum Blossoms will open.

When learning is Prohibited

The Plum Blossoms will close."

The Plum Blossom symbolizes beauty, strength of character, perseverance, endurance, and commitment....all developed through the harshest of seasons. Amidst this very harsh season....a beautiful fragrance is developed that is enjoyed by all those who have the privilege of existing anywhere in proximity of this "most rare and beautiful flower" .

This flower embodies the purpose for my blog..."Beauty from Ashes...all for His Glory"

As we all struggle through the natural and spiritual hardships that come, may we develop as the plum blossom...with all of it's strength and beauty...and a fragrance that would be an offering of incense of praise to the One who created us as rare and beautiful flowers...

Bless All of my "Plum Blossom Blogger Friends" today Lord...may they all bloom where they are matter the conditions.

Monday, April 9, 2007

My 16 year old 5 year old...

" 0 to 60 in under 10 years!!!"

My Jianna is such a funny little girl. I guess being the fourth child in a family with quite a spread out age span is part of it. She wants to be so much more grown up than any of the others did at her age. She had just turned 5 in Feb. and by March was wishing away her whole year of being 5.

JK is "boring"...she actually wants to be in grade 1 right now, so she can stay all day.

Her Sunday school class is for "babies" offence to you teachers reading...that's just my Jianna. It doesn't help that her siblings get breakfast...Jianna LOVES food...she gets "baby cookies".

She couldn't wait to tie her shoes...and get "flat laces"....

On her birthday, she got a skipping rope, and practiced the house.
(She wants to join the skipping club at school...starts in grade 1)

Now it is her 2 wheeler...Jianna is not only determined but very capable, so she masters these skills, and somehow that (in her mind) should translate to being older.

I am constantly reminding her to not wish away her childhood. I am not ready for her to grow up as fast as she thinks she is.

The other day she asked me, "mommy, what is a phase?"

I gave her an explanation I thought she could understand.

"Mommy, I just went through a phase"

"really what phase?"

"I used to have a 'crush' on Jon"

"Your brother Jon?"

"Yeah, I used to have a crush on him, but I am done that phase now."

It's so hard not to burst out laughing at these very grown up...yet very sincere statements.
So my baby has completed another phase...and I am asking God to either slow down her need to grow up so fast, or catch me up to her.

I wonder if God is having to hold us back some times when we think we are further along in our development than we really are. I bet we make Him chuckle at some of our running ahead of ourselves. I am thankful that He is a gracious parent who encourages our growth, but sets up parameters that keep us from moving into things we are really not ready for.

As I encourage my 16 year old 5 year old to enjoy her childhood, I am learning not to be so concerned about my own destinations....but to enjoy the path that will take me there.

I really don't want to miss the fun and lessons along the way.

Saturday, April 7, 2007



I think this is truly my favorite Holiday...
I love that it is in the Spring...a season of such hope and expectation...
I love all the pastel colors that we associate with Easter...
I have always loved the new clothes that were a tradition for my family growing up, and are still a tradition in my home...
I L...O...V...E.. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Most of all though, I absolutely love all that this Holiday represents for me spiritually.

The death and resurrection of my Jesus.

I love WHY he did wasn't just because he was God and could. It wasn't just to show us another miracle.

My God...My Jesus did this for very personal reasons...ME!!!!
He did this so I could live a victorious life here on Earth.
He did it, because he knew all of my life...He knew my sin before I was ever born, and made a way for me to overcome those sins.

He did it to bring me HOPE.
Hope for a better day when things are tough.
Hope to not settle for what I KNOW in life..but to believe for more.
Hope for those whose path I cross...that they too can overcome.
Hope instead of despair when my mom died...knowing that it was not the end; knowing we'd be together again.

Jesus died and rose again so that I would have a way to rise again...

When I die to myself....He will raise me up.
When life knocks me down....He will raise me up.
When I put aside my ambitions and my desires....He will raise me up.
When I am in a place of sickness...He will raise me up.
When the doctors tell my mom that at the age of 12, I need open heart surgery...He would raise me up.
When the same doctors tell my mom, I can never have children....He would raise me up.
When the enemy of my soul shouts death and defeat...MY GOD THUNDERS BACK LIFE AND VICTORY!!!!!

My God is a God of resurrection LIFE!
First His life...then mine!
I know also, that my God is no respector of persons, therefore, in doing all of this and so much more for me...I can give hope to others...He really is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Happy RESURRECTION to each of you...not only this weekend, but every day, all of your life, until we are resurrected with Him into permanent Glory.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stretching of a New Season...

We have all been enjoying our glimpses of this new season...

The snow is gone...hopefully for good..

The flowers are poking their little heads out for a breath of Spring air...
The warm sun shining on our faces, as we get out and enjoy this new season...

The birds are building their nests, and the birthing is about to begin...

I for one, forgot how unpredictable, wet, messy and cold this new season can be...until this week.

As the environment around me adjusts ...I find myself internally adjusting as well.

I have experienced the joy, hope, excitement and release that this new season has brought.

Somewhere along the way, I forgot, in the midst of that, how unpredictable my transition can be.

Before the birth of new life comes the expansion of heart, my faith, my order that I may be able to incubate what God is about to birth. Some times there are scars left behind from that process...we call them "stretch marks". They can be uncomfortable, or even painful during the stretching process....later, they are just reminders of the life that was contained within us, that we eventually birthed. We might not like the process, or the scars that remain..but they are for a purpose...they actually expand our capacity to carry his promises.

This week has been a stretching time for me...but God is showing me how to ease some of the discomfort of stretching...and He is even showing me some of the growth I have already experienced from past stretchings. I have not been able to see all of this week's victory; but He is showing me the fruit of past victories as I process in a more healthy way. As I turn away from past unhealthy patterns in order to find comfort. He is reminding me that he has taken me through other valleys, and although the stretch marks remain...they are no longer uncomfortable.

He is showing me that, yes a change of season means being stretched, but that He is always faithful, and it is never without purpose.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Today I celebrate...the end of Today...

God, this one is hard...

This is one of those character building days you bring me...
I know it is to make me more like you, and I know, as with all of the mountains that have come my way...I will be thankful for this day....
For now...You know this all ready, but I feel like crap.
Today, I can only hope to release this back to you, through my words and my tears...I need you.

It really has been a culmination I guess....a difficult weekend, some stinging remarks, some robbing of joys, the embarrassment of being at a check out, while my debit was in my son's wallet, the tears of a dissapointed little girl, Some newly discovered, yet very old, very painful truths, a little boy coming home sick, forgetting to pick up another little girl, being hit by a young driver who was more concerned about his friends than watching, not being able to just curl up and cry and sleep after all of that...having to brave the world again, only to have some creepy guy hand me his business card...Do I look like I buy video games?

God, I don't understand today, and I don't understand why it was all in one day...I have the rest of the week to still get through...
I am not sure of a lot of things at this very moment...but I will take solace in what I do know:

I have proven you always faithful...
I have felt you heal me in my body and my heart repeatedly....
I know you never change....
I know you are coming through, even as I grieve this day...
I know I will feel better...
I know you have given me a wonderful friend that cares enough to call, and check on me...
I know that you understand what I can't right now....
I know I can trust you with all of this...
I know I will smile again...
I know your mercies are new every morning....and it will soon be morning...
I know you give me strength that I do not have...
I know, as my friend Holly has declared...IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER!
For, me.