Saturday, April 7, 2007



I think this is truly my favorite Holiday...
I love that it is in the Spring...a season of such hope and expectation...
I love all the pastel colors that we associate with Easter...
I have always loved the new clothes that were a tradition for my family growing up, and are still a tradition in my home...
I L...O...V...E.. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Most of all though, I absolutely love all that this Holiday represents for me spiritually.

The death and resurrection of my Jesus.

I love WHY he did wasn't just because he was God and could. It wasn't just to show us another miracle.

My God...My Jesus did this for very personal reasons...ME!!!!
He did this so I could live a victorious life here on Earth.
He did it, because he knew all of my life...He knew my sin before I was ever born, and made a way for me to overcome those sins.

He did it to bring me HOPE.
Hope for a better day when things are tough.
Hope to not settle for what I KNOW in life..but to believe for more.
Hope for those whose path I cross...that they too can overcome.
Hope instead of despair when my mom died...knowing that it was not the end; knowing we'd be together again.

Jesus died and rose again so that I would have a way to rise again...

When I die to myself....He will raise me up.
When life knocks me down....He will raise me up.
When I put aside my ambitions and my desires....He will raise me up.
When I am in a place of sickness...He will raise me up.
When the doctors tell my mom that at the age of 12, I need open heart surgery...He would raise me up.
When the same doctors tell my mom, I can never have children....He would raise me up.
When the enemy of my soul shouts death and defeat...MY GOD THUNDERS BACK LIFE AND VICTORY!!!!!

My God is a God of resurrection LIFE!
First His life...then mine!
I know also, that my God is no respector of persons, therefore, in doing all of this and so much more for me...I can give hope to others...He really is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Happy RESURRECTION to each of you...not only this weekend, but every day, all of your life, until we are resurrected with Him into permanent Glory.


Holly said...

Preach it SISTER! ;o)

Amy said...


Williams Family Blog said...


That really hit my heart....Wow!



Shari said...

Blessings from our home to yours! Enjoy spending time with your family - I'm sure it great to have your husband back.

Rhonda said...

Happy Easter! I am happy to have my husband home too. I don't like it when he's away.

Roxanne said...

We are victorious because of Him!