Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Praise report

I spoke to my friend at school today. She and her dad (grandma's son) loved her chocolate cake...which yes was a mix....but I guess the best they'd had.
Food is not truly a comfort....but I personally believe God helped us create things like Chocolate, cake and pumpkin muffins for times like this...you can be distracted at least briefly by the "yummyness"...
The praise report, is that with all of our prayers....my friend crashed and slept last night. She has not slept more than a couple of hours for a number of nights. I haven't heard about any dreams yet...but she knows about (and called to encourage me) when I was doing the dream teaching...so the door is wide open!
Thank you all for agreeing with me, remember her when you can...the funeral is not until Friday I believe. God is good, and always faithful.


Shari said...

That's wonderful news - Two much needed things, good food and sleep. I will continue to cover this situation in prayer.

Tamar said...

I'll agree with You in Prayer for Your friend! Open Doors Lord!

Amy said...

Praise God for a nights sleep....just what she needs at a time like this!!

Praying with you and for you.