Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beauty of a Woman

The twinkle in her eye

The blush of embarrassment

The tenderness of her voice

The connection when she smiles

The passion in her anger

The gift of her forgiveness

The loyalty of her friendship

The warmth of her embrace

The protection of her children

The devotion to her spouse

The strength of her character

The sadness of her tears

The freedom in her dance

The joy in her laughter

The sharing of her gifts

The lines on her face

The passion in her worship

The power of her prayers

The wisdom of her counsel

The committment as she serves

The depth of her love

The pursuit of her dreams

The wonder of her strength

The greatness of her God

This is the Beauty of a Woman


Holly said...

Beautiful! I am glad that I am a woman!

Amy said...

I, too, am glad I am a woman....(ask me in 11 weeks!!)

Anonymous said...

I like it!!!! I'm happy to be one!

Tamatha said...


Williams Family Blog said...

Such depth we all have.

Beauty is definately more than skin deep :o)