Monday, April 30, 2007

Get Ready...God's letting the women loose!

This goes for us women too girls....
Again, this is directed at the women corporately, but does not in any way discount what God is birthing and releasing through the men as well.

God has put the women on my heart for this season for a reason. I am repeatedly seeing this confirmed through many others, including many of you fellow bloggers.

Now, we can't just talk about this release...we need to be getting ready. God is wanting to release MANY, we need to be prepared to see others released, and to get ready for what God may be asking of us as individuals.

The hard part is that we rarely know what we are getting ready for...or what steps to take to get ready. All I can comment on is from my own life, what I have journeyed so far.

Repeatedly, I see God saying or doing things in me and through me personally, only to find out that I am but one example of what He is doing in the body as a whole. I have learned to look for the corporate, based on what He is doing in's just something He does.

So, I am telling you ladies....GET READY, GET EXCITED, STAY OPEN, AND DEAL WITH WHAT HE BRINGS UP AS HE DOES IT! That is where your preparation and training comes.

So, here is what God is releasing me into right now. Many of you will remember my stretching at the beginning of March, when God asked me to teach and walk people through dream interpretation for the first time ever. You were all such a touching support to me, and I really appreciate all of your wonderful encouragement.

Well, you dear prophetic ladies...many of you had comments having to do with the future, and what God would lead me into from this first major stretch. Get ready, you are next!!!

Today, my friend Gaetane called me again. Yes to do another course...this Monday night...right after 2 weeks of incredible busyness...and stretching and an amazing conference! All I can say, is thank you God, I have done it once, my notes are ready....and I will be very distracted, so will have little time to allow flesh to raise it's ugly head.

It gets even more interesting though. She has a vision to have this thing "snowball", she is looking to have some kind of a monthly gathering to train and equip those who have taken the courses to be a force to be reckoned with in this area of the prophetic.

She is looking to Scott and I to be involved in it leading, teaching leaders...we will see.

We are going to be getting a team of their people ready to do the dream part of the outreach that they will host again in August. The same outreach that got this ball rolling last August. Gaetane is thinking she wants Scott and I to head up this team. All of this is very preliminary, and is open for change....but WOW!!!!

I have to say I am excited, though very challenged! I know God will be very faithful in me and my part in all of this; just as He will in the whole ministry of seeing His gifts released in and through the rest of His body.

Again ladies, I am speaking prophetically here....GET READY, STAY OPEN, AND REMAIN HUMBLE. God is on the move, and there is truly an army of women being released....and it is not a long wait for many of you. God has already had you in your season of preparation for a very long time...and this is truly the season of release. Stay patient, but be ready!


Williams Family Blog said...

That is great news!!! You are definately ready for the next step...
I will be praying for yah....
Thanks also for a very encouraging word in the midst of a lot of busyness.


Rhonda said...

Excellent!! You are definitely equipped for this.

I have been hearing the 'get ready' also. We need to prepare ahead of time so that we are ready for what He has called us.

Thanks for sharing!!

Holly said...

How exciting (and a bit scary)!!! You are so ready for this though! Can't wait to hear about it, later. Bless you RICHLY!


Cheryl said...

Happy for the release of all you have sowed into.
I'll receive that word. I will prepare, but I have no idea what would be coming for me, or even see anything in sight. None the less, I will receive the word by faith.

Tamar said...

So excited to hear of the shared Passion to evangelize in the Area of Prophetic and Dreams. I really want to hear more! Can we do tea again???