Sunday, April 29, 2007

Women...What Confuses us:

(this is not the real guy from my story...
he might make me chuckle)
I have to share a funny little experience I had today. I guess I will tie this into my "women" theme as one of the things that creeps us women out...or at least confuses us.

I had done some shopping, and was not yet ready to go home, I really wanted to enjoy the beautiful sunny day, and some rare alone time. So, I did what many of us Belleville girls do in a situation like that...I headed for the Bay.

It truly was a beautiful day and many others were thinking like I was. The walking paths were busy. This once, I did not want to be a part of the crowd...I wanted to observe, and to be alone...kind of.

So, I rolled down my windows, cranked some tunes and parked facing the bay.

I spent my time equally between people watching, and closing my eyes and thinking/talking with God.

All in all, it was refreshing. Eventually, I decided I should head home.

I was stopped at an intersection waiting on a red light, windows still still slightly cranked. I was minding my own business, waiting for the light to change. As I was preparing to make a left turn, I waited for the oncoming truck to come through the intersection first.

The driver of this "over sized PICK UP"...looked straight in at me as he passed....and WHISTLED!!!!

You know the kind ladies...the "cat call". Now, I have not been whistled at...(other than Mark) in years. I remembered this sound from younger days, and knew I was supposed to be impressed on some level. Strangely, I was not....I was CONFUSED...the more I thought of the incident, my confusion progressed to CREEPED OUT!!!

Had I at 38, just been whistled at by someone in his 30's or 40's....well, I might have had a chuckle, a smile and some vain thoughts. This was not an accurate description of my whistler though. Sitting in his over sized PICK UP, wearing a cowboy hat...(nothing wrong so far), was a man with snowy white hair who had to be at least 20 years my senior. My FATHER doesn't even have "snowy white hair"!!!!!

Does he somehow think this will impress me?

Or, do I seriously look old enough to be flattered by this man's attention?

Either scenario is scary....No comments will be posted that agree with the latter!!!!

So, to all of our "Anonymous male readers"...please learn from this little post.

If you are close to our age, and feel the need to "cat call"...we might be at least entertained...if on the other hand, you feel the need to whistle at a female who is clearly your junior by more than a decade....RESIST THE URGE!!!!!

We, will not be impressed or flattered, we will however, be very creeped out....and you may get posted about!!!!


Roxanne said...

Jen, you've gotta roll up the windows if you don't want to hear the whistles!!

Rhonda said...

Roxanne - You sound as though you are speaking from experience.

Amy said...

Oh Jen...
I had run into A&P one evening, late, to pick up a few things...
There was a car parked at the curb with the music going, and 3 young guys in it (maybe 20-25?? I think they had been drinking!) As I hustle by they started whistling and cat calling...AHHH!! I turned around to show my PROTRUDING belly, and one of them says (Yells..really loud) "OOH BABY....You're a YUMMY MOMMY!" I thought I was going to puke...
Cat calling from any age is just down right nasty!!

Shari said...

Okay, first Jen made me laugh and then all of the comments from Roxanne, Rhonda, and Amy....I'm now laughing out loud and my family thinks I'm nuts!!

Great post - great laugh!!

Holly said...

I am sorry to laugh, but that was just too funny! Actually, all you girls are funny! And I like that about ya! ;o)
"Yummy mommy"....girls, I say that we should call Amy that from now on!!!

Williams Family Blog said...

I don't know whether to laugh or be creeped out...
I don't understand why they do it?IS is the security/anonymity of being in their truck?
I know it is not a north American thing since I expereinced the whistles and comments in Thailand ...didn't know what they were saying but there are just some things that are universal..language is no barrier.

Tamatha said...

lol.....that's funny!:o)