Monday, April 9, 2007

My 16 year old 5 year old...

" 0 to 60 in under 10 years!!!"

My Jianna is such a funny little girl. I guess being the fourth child in a family with quite a spread out age span is part of it. She wants to be so much more grown up than any of the others did at her age. She had just turned 5 in Feb. and by March was wishing away her whole year of being 5.

JK is "boring"...she actually wants to be in grade 1 right now, so she can stay all day.

Her Sunday school class is for "babies" offence to you teachers reading...that's just my Jianna. It doesn't help that her siblings get breakfast...Jianna LOVES food...she gets "baby cookies".

She couldn't wait to tie her shoes...and get "flat laces"....

On her birthday, she got a skipping rope, and practiced the house.
(She wants to join the skipping club at school...starts in grade 1)

Now it is her 2 wheeler...Jianna is not only determined but very capable, so she masters these skills, and somehow that (in her mind) should translate to being older.

I am constantly reminding her to not wish away her childhood. I am not ready for her to grow up as fast as she thinks she is.

The other day she asked me, "mommy, what is a phase?"

I gave her an explanation I thought she could understand.

"Mommy, I just went through a phase"

"really what phase?"

"I used to have a 'crush' on Jon"

"Your brother Jon?"

"Yeah, I used to have a crush on him, but I am done that phase now."

It's so hard not to burst out laughing at these very grown up...yet very sincere statements.
So my baby has completed another phase...and I am asking God to either slow down her need to grow up so fast, or catch me up to her.

I wonder if God is having to hold us back some times when we think we are further along in our development than we really are. I bet we make Him chuckle at some of our running ahead of ourselves. I am thankful that He is a gracious parent who encourages our growth, but sets up parameters that keep us from moving into things we are really not ready for.

As I encourage my 16 year old 5 year old to enjoy her childhood, I am learning not to be so concerned about my own destinations....but to enjoy the path that will take me there.

I really don't want to miss the fun and lessons along the way.


Amy said...

I have a 4 year old that is ALMOST like that (not quite but she has noone to really look up too.)
She has just recvd a new bike and is intent on mastering no training wheels, as well as the fact she can swim the deep end with no problem. (Mommy, why is that kid wearing a life jacket??)
I am grateful though, that she isn't quite in a rush to grow up, seeing as their is little influence yet..
When she gets on the scale she is always saying.."mama, is 34.5" big? Am I growing?
I can't imagine her at 16...
And I have not mentioned jr. church to her on purpose... if she knew, we'd be in trouble!!

Rhonda said...

This is such normal behaviour for a youngest child. We went through similar things with Brittany. I was so excited to have another baby, I wanted to hold onto her as long as I could. She would have no part of it. In her mind she was the same age as her older siblings. She's 4 years younger than her brother and 6 years younger than her sister. Brittany talked earlier, walked earlier and the list goes on.
At this point, she does not understand why she should go to bed earlier. Makes no sense to her at all. Mark and I are thankful that God will help us protect her when she's a teen. Of course, she thinks she is one now.

Bless your little Jianna. I'm sure she will love big Kids' Church - we're looking forward to having her.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder Jen.
Although our "phases" can seem frustrating, it is good to take it slow, and enjoy it.
With maturity comes greater responsibility,and although that is good............... I for one, am happy to just coast and stay in the "phase"
Oh to be little again, playing Barbie's, riding bikes and eating Easter candy!!!

Amy said...

Cheryl... I still play barbies and eat candy....!!

Tamatha said...

ok...I'm not sure what God is doing but I guess it's a phase I am going thru and I should just enjoy it!?!lol I keep tearing up while reading things on peoples blogs!

Holly said...

Oh how I love Jianna! She is such a character...always think that you must have been a bit like her when you were her age, Jenny?!! lol

Our kid's are sooooooo precious...

Williams Family Blog said...


I have a six year old that is like that too, always two steps ahead. Sometimes in her hurry to breeze through the phases she gets some profound thoughts and decides it is much more fun to be a kid.
The other day she said "I don't want to grow up cause I don't want to lose my imagination"..... Let me tell you, that sparked a conversation...


Roxanne said...

This is a great story for her wedding day.

Shari said...

This was a wonderful read!!

The phase at our home is the dating. Ryan waited till after his 18th birthday to date, so we hoping that his siblings would also wait. Unforunately this hasn't happened. Within 6 months of Ryan and Jenna dating my other two have "suddenly" developed" some interests of their own. It doesn't seem to matter that Mom and Dad aren't ready for this phase.

Dad is very thankful that his baby girl has decided that dating is just too complicated right now and is putting this phase off. Ryan is moving forward and plans to marry next summer and Derek - well he's definately focus on one particular girl.

We've been in an adjustment phase!!

Teena said...

hi jen
my mark is always telling the girls to stay little...of course they tell him they can't! Then Jayna goes on to tell him all the things she's going to do and have when she's a grown up!