Monday, November 26, 2007

What is Your Heart's Desire?

God started really speaking to me a few weeks ago about the desires of my heart in reference to His desire and destiny for me.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking for and questioning our destiny ...God's will for our lives.
As I was once again asking God about some big (to me) things, He responded with, "what is your heart's desire concerning this?".
He reminded me that I have repeatedly and continuously  given my heart and all that is in it back to change and to do with as He pleases. Knowing that, why wouldn't I understand that the the things that have remained or grown there and that I am passionate about are there because they are His will and destiny for me?
He has truly given me the desires of my heart because He intends to full fill the desires of my heart.

Isn't that so much simpler than pursuing some great and elusive mystery that God seemingly keeps us from understanding?
Why do we think He would hide His will from us anyway...Does He not want us to achieve all that He has called us to? So why would He have us waste massive amounts of time playing hide and seek?
Is it possible that He once again hides the mystery in plain site so that He can use the simple to confound the wise?

Think about Mat. 6:21 in this light...
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

Are there desires that God puts in our hearts because our 'treasure', (His desire for us, and all of the blessings of being in His will), is in that place? He wants us to find the treasure, so He puts a desire for where and what it is in our hearts...

Learning to give our hearts to Him daily and then trust what He puts in them is maybe the true challenge.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Then Came Jianna....

Just had to share these photos. Princess #2 causes us to shake our heads and smile often. She is very much her own person...even the boys have asked us "who does she get that from?"

I think she is the unreserved part of each of us that simply sees the world as black and white and is going to choose the white almost every time....but have loads of fun on that path.

Now, this particular outfit...put together by none other than the little miss inspired by another. Jianna is passionately mad about Miss Brittany...Rhonda's youngest. She thinks about her and refers to her OFTEN. Jianna had the thrill of running into Miss Britt at the mall recently...wearing a similar hat in white. When she saw this one the next day, she simply had to have it. Since Brittany is such a sweety, (and I must say, EXTREMELY Patient with Jianna's obsession), I figure there are far worse roll models for my five year old 'fashionista".

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 9'th Birthday Princess Maria!

November 20'th very first princess was born.
Oh how I had dreamed of a little girl to dress up all in pink, to share my love of all things girly with. To be my dolly and later to play dollies with.
Before Maria was born, three people in two different countries prophesied of her being joy to all who were around her....she has very much been my joy.
Her laughter is so contagious, so unique, you just can't help but giggle.
Maria is truly my "Mini Me" in so many ways.
She can hardly contain herself around babies, she would love to hold them all forever...we settle for knowing glances between ourselves as we pass them while shopping or out for a walk.
Twins get a special smile and girl twins...well, we have to try very hard to control ourselves!
She shares my passion for Little House on the Prairie as well.
Of course there is shopping...that one is a given.
Our taste in clothes is often different, but I have resigned myself that I have had my years of dressing her up with hats and frills and it is her turn to express herself in her own wardrobe....though I have a feeling her little girls will be dressed all in pink and frills as well.
Maria...named for my mother, (Donna-Marie), derived from Mary...(blessed among women).
also from Myrrh...used for anointing and for healing.
Many Birthday Blessings to my "Dream Come True" beauty queen, Maria.

Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I have been really enjoying my Christmas preparations this year. I began my baking and shopping very early this year....I just felt like it, so I did. I actually had the kids' teachers gifts bought before school started...seemed crazy, but saw something I loved and knew I wouldn't find it later.

Since then, I have finished about 1/2 of my shopping, I have baked up a I am very happy to have started early!

We HAD three kinds of cookies baked...unfortunately there was a delay in getting the Shortbread fluffs to the freezer, and they are now all but gone! I will have to make that one again....when no one, (especially hubby) is home!

I have baked and frozen a beautiful white chocolate, cranberry and Macadamia nut coffee cake...(a recipe I developed new for this year).

I have pumpkin/cream cheese mini loaves and banana mini loaves frozen, and....My mother's tradition....mountains of fruitcake.

I know most people don't like this delicacy, but this recipe is SOOOO yummy. Full of cherries, pecans, almonds, raisins, brandy and orange liquor. Mom would begin the Holiday preparations by baking her fruitcake usually in Oct, but no later than early Nov. (Mind you we were not allowed to enjoy it until the tree trimming party much later in Dec.).

Mom included fruitcake in many of her Christmas parcels shipped out to family throughout the Maritimes and Ontario.

Whenever I make this, I think of my mom, and feel like I am honoring her memory by continuing a special tradition. this year, I made these beauties on Nov. 5'th...and as I mixed the fruit and nuts in my largest stock pot, I couldn't help but feel like this was a pot full of Christmas.....It was such a beautiful contrast of colors, I almost hated to mix it into the batter!

So, the end result was 5 large loaves, 4 not-so-mini loaves and a lovely 9"round.
I love my oven, these were all cooked together, plus I have another rack that I removed
for easy access!
Can you tell I LOVE CHRISTMAS???
Another wonderful tradition passed down from my mom...she was truly Mrs. Christmas!