Monday, November 26, 2007

What is Your Heart's Desire?

God started really speaking to me a few weeks ago about the desires of my heart in reference to His desire and destiny for me.

Sometimes we spend so much time looking for and questioning our destiny ...God's will for our lives.
As I was once again asking God about some big (to me) things, He responded with, "what is your heart's desire concerning this?".
He reminded me that I have repeatedly and continuously  given my heart and all that is in it back to change and to do with as He pleases. Knowing that, why wouldn't I understand that the the things that have remained or grown there and that I am passionate about are there because they are His will and destiny for me?
He has truly given me the desires of my heart because He intends to full fill the desires of my heart.

Isn't that so much simpler than pursuing some great and elusive mystery that God seemingly keeps us from understanding?
Why do we think He would hide His will from us anyway...Does He not want us to achieve all that He has called us to? So why would He have us waste massive amounts of time playing hide and seek?
Is it possible that He once again hides the mystery in plain site so that He can use the simple to confound the wise?

Think about Mat. 6:21 in this light...
"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also"

Are there desires that God puts in our hearts because our 'treasure', (His desire for us, and all of the blessings of being in His will), is in that place? He wants us to find the treasure, so He puts a desire for where and what it is in our hearts...

Learning to give our hearts to Him daily and then trust what He puts in them is maybe the true challenge.


Holly said...

I find that comforting...I hope it means that someday I will live a whole lot closer to the OCEAN, than I do right now!

Shari said...

As my kids get older, my hearts desires have changed dramatically. My desires are more about people and relationships than anything else.. perhaps this is all part of the aging process!!

Rhonda said...

Excellent insight!

Williams Family Blog said...

Very timely Jen.


Cheryl said...

Excellent post