Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I have been really enjoying my Christmas preparations this year. I began my baking and shopping very early this year....I just felt like it, so I did. I actually had the kids' teachers gifts bought before school started...seemed crazy, but saw something I loved and knew I wouldn't find it later.

Since then, I have finished about 1/2 of my shopping, I have baked up a I am very happy to have started early!

We HAD three kinds of cookies baked...unfortunately there was a delay in getting the Shortbread fluffs to the freezer, and they are now all but gone! I will have to make that one again....when no one, (especially hubby) is home!

I have baked and frozen a beautiful white chocolate, cranberry and Macadamia nut coffee cake...(a recipe I developed new for this year).

I have pumpkin/cream cheese mini loaves and banana mini loaves frozen, and....My mother's tradition....mountains of fruitcake.

I know most people don't like this delicacy, but this recipe is SOOOO yummy. Full of cherries, pecans, almonds, raisins, brandy and orange liquor. Mom would begin the Holiday preparations by baking her fruitcake usually in Oct, but no later than early Nov. (Mind you we were not allowed to enjoy it until the tree trimming party much later in Dec.).

Mom included fruitcake in many of her Christmas parcels shipped out to family throughout the Maritimes and Ontario.

Whenever I make this, I think of my mom, and feel like I am honoring her memory by continuing a special tradition. this year, I made these beauties on Nov. 5'th...and as I mixed the fruit and nuts in my largest stock pot, I couldn't help but feel like this was a pot full of Christmas.....It was such a beautiful contrast of colors, I almost hated to mix it into the batter!

So, the end result was 5 large loaves, 4 not-so-mini loaves and a lovely 9"round.
I love my oven, these were all cooked together, plus I have another rack that I removed
for easy access!
Can you tell I LOVE CHRISTMAS???
Another wonderful tradition passed down from my mom...she was truly Mrs. Christmas!


Shari said...

Yum - everything sounds wonderful - when do we get an invite to "test" out the fruits of your labors?

Roxanne said...

I'm with Shari on that one! I have only bought one gift, no baking done, no decorating...better get busy!!

Holly said...

YUMMY!!!! It sure does look like Christmas. Your mamma would be so proud!! I'm with Shari, when can I come over?!

Jen said...

How about I throw a little Christmas Tea in a few weeks....think you can all fit it in?

Amy said...

I, too, love to start early! I have the kids presents bought and well as most of the other gifts needed!! I have a few different bakings in my freezer, with many missing, as my neighbour enjoys to peruse...
Mike has asked me to make fruit cake this year with my baking, but I have yet to commit...never done it before..eek!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHristmas...mostly in part because my mom hates it!

Anonymous said...

mmmm sounds wonderful!! Did I tell you that I LOVE Christmas cake?!! Feel free to mail some out to me!!
I think baking will be pretty much out for me this year with working full time and other committments.... oh well!!
I just started decorating...don't have a ton of decorations... but it homey!!
I LOVE Christmas too.

Tamatha said...

Hey Jen...if you wanna send something to Cheryl...Tom drives by there every other week or so.

Rhonda said...

I think I'm going to come over and raid your freezer.