Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy 9'th Birthday Princess Maria!

November 20'th 1998...my very first princess was born.
Oh how I had dreamed of a little girl to dress up all in pink, to share my love of all things girly with. To be my dolly and later to play dollies with.
Before Maria was born, three people in two different countries prophesied of her being joy to all who were around her....she has very much been my joy.
Her laughter is so contagious, so unique, you just can't help but giggle.
Maria is truly my "Mini Me" in so many ways.
She can hardly contain herself around babies, she would love to hold them all forever...we settle for knowing glances between ourselves as we pass them while shopping or out for a walk.
Twins get a special smile and girl twins...well, we have to try very hard to control ourselves!
She shares my passion for Little House on the Prairie as well.
Of course there is shopping...that one is a given.
Our taste in clothes is often different, but I have resigned myself that I have had my years of dressing her up with hats and frills and bloomers....now it is her turn to express herself in her own wardrobe....though I have a feeling her little girls will be dressed all in pink and frills as well.
Maria...named for my mother, (Donna-Marie), derived from Mary...(blessed among women).
also from Myrrh...used for anointing and for healing.
Many Birthday Blessings to my "Dream Come True"...my beauty queen, Maria.


Tamatha said...

Happy Birthday Maria!!!:o)

Shari said...

I remember so clearly the day we dedicated Maria at your parent's home near Ottawa. What a precious bundle from the moment she arrived. I love watching how these little girls can wrapped their Dad's hearts around their littlest finger!!

Happy Birthday Maria.

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to Maria... you are beautiful on the inside AND on the outside!

Jenny, When was this pic. taken?

Amy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Maria!!

Jen said...

This picture is actually a little dated. It was from our trip to Disney in Feb.
This was the girls' day at the "Bibbity Bobbity Boutique".

Fancy is not usually Maria's thing, but Sarah M. was there getting dolled up as well, so the peer pressure got to her....I was happy for that peer pressure!

Williams Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday Maria!

You are a gorgeous princess!!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Happy Birthday Maria!
And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Maria Maria!! What a beautiful young lady. Enjoy this age Jen. She is still little girl with moments of entering her 'tweens'. She is on the verge of entering that next stage which brings much importance of mommy & daddy time.