Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Brand New Treasure

I have to share this beautiful new Christmas treasure with you.
I am forever ordering new books through the scholastic book orders. There are a few reasons that I like to find books this way. I am always trying to encourage a love for literacy in my children, so I am always looking for new books to spark or fuel their 
interest. I also like to support the teachers' being able to fill their class rooms with great books.
The difficulty comes in that our home library is already overflowing with wonderful books stemming all the way back to my own childhood.
Christmas book orders are always a treasure hunt for me as they tend to carry a selection of lovely books that uphold the true meaning of  Christ in Christmas.  In perusing this year's selection, I was disappointed to find that the books being offered that fed my desire to keep Jesus the central theme of Christmas, were already lining our shelves.
 I was struck by one book though. It promised to be filled with new traditions and some of the other parts of Christmas that I love. It was a little pricey I thought, at $19.99.
I have to say, I was not at all disappointed. This book is GORGEOUS!!! It's like truly walking through a real gingerbread land. The photos themselves are beautiful, but there are little booklets enclosed at the corners of most pages. These booklets contain traditional recipes, explanations of the meaning behind some traditions and even crafts.
The cover of this book is almost like a real gingerbread cookie, complete with 3 dimensional glass "candies" and raised "icing".
In short, this book is a new Piers Christmas treasure that I expect will be enjoyed for many years to come.
If  any of you still have access to Christmas book orders and have access to this book, it is a truly amazing value, and would make a lovely gift or addition to your own Christmas traditions.


Holly said...

Looks like a great book! Have fun making new memories with your family this Holiday Season!

Cheryl said...

Looks fantastic.. I'm sure your girls will love reading it too.

Amy said...


Rhonda said...

Very pretty. Brittany would love that book. She'll have to see it when she is over sometime. She always gravitates to those kinds of books at Chapters.