Thursday, December 6, 2007

Favor of God

Well, not the best picture of my boy, but the only one I have on my new Computer

Mark and I have always prayed the blessing and favor of God over our kids. We have seen the fruit of that in things like getting a teacher who is  a perfect match for their personality making friends quickly in a new school etc.
Some times His favor is so immediate and so great that it still amazes me.

We had spoken to our eldest this week about getting another job. There are so many fun things to be involved in both in high school and youth group, not to mention just having fun with friends.

We don't begrudge any of it, and want to bless our kids...ABUNDANTLY, but there are 4 of them and sometimes it seems we are writing cheques constantly for one. 
Anyway, we told Jonathan that he needed to contribute towards some of these extras.
He understood and was in agreement, so we decided that by the weekend we would help him get his resume out.

That night, Mark and I were on a coffee/tea date; while we were out, Jonathan got a call from a parent of 2 of the girls' friends. He works for Parks and Rec. for the city. Jon had never applied there, but at a BBQ in the Spring, Mark had told this gentleman to let us know if anything ever opened up.
Well, he was to be hiring the next day for the three arenas in town, was Jon interested?
Jonathan was taken a little by surprise, but the end result is that he has his first 2-8 hr shifts this weekend...AND...he is making $2.40/hr OVER minimum wage!!!
He's 15!!!! 

It has really shown all of us yet again, how God cares for his kids and that he really loves to bless them/us "exceedingly abundantly above all that they would ask or think"!!!
Just like us as earthly parents...He just has way more to work with!



Holly said...

That is awesome!

But about that pic....Jon is going to be real upset with you about that one...better change it quick! ;o)

Rhonda said...

Congratulations Jonathan!!!!! That's excellent. Yes, the favour of God is a wonderful thing to walk in.

Amy said...


I had my first job @ 15--and yes, alot of workm -- but I had SOOO much fun, and still have quite a few friends from that job (5 years means alot of different people!! Teena being one..)
And the extra money is a BONUS!!
Congrats Jon!

Shari said...

Hum, Jen it sounds like your Christmas gift just got bumped up.. seeing as son # 1's income has just increased.

Merry Christmas Jen... Happy Shopping Jonathan!!

Roxanne said...

That's great news. New job and new experiences.

redeemed diva said...

Cool beans! That's awesome. And even better than that is that you are one of the few parents who are teaching your children that they can't always get handouts from Mom and Dad--good on ya, girl!