Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Steps are Ordered of the Lord

Over the past week, God has been speaking to me about my future and destiny.
Unfortunately, not so much about destinations and goals or really what I do along the way...but about HOW I walk the path.

I have admitted before, there is a tiny perfectionist that lives deep within me, my hubby has referred to this same "quality" (I do choose to see it as a quality), in our youngest child as our "black and white gene".

There are some great aspects to this quality, but I have come to realize, it can be paralizing as well. I have been known to not try something that I felt I could not do can miss out on a lot with that out look.

What God began to speak to me a week ago, had to do with this. He and I both know that my deepest desire is to follow Him, anywhere, anytime, in any way. I really mean that, and always have. I have often said, I will go any where and do anything, I just need to know that it is God.
Here is the problem, what happens in those (sometimes extended) periods, where He is not telling you the next step? 

Have you ever tried to walk in a straight line towards a particular goal off in the distance?
If you focus on your feet and concentrate on your every step, your path could look very much like the picture of the child's steps below:

You might actually get where you were headed, but the path you take may be filled with twists and turns, even some back tracking.
Thankfully, we serve a patient, loving God who has promised and is faithful "to make our path straight".  He will guide us back to where He needs us to go in order to get us to the place that He has planned for us.

There is another way though. It involves a change in focus. My focus has to be taken off my individual feet, ME; and set on HIM and the goal HE has set before me.

When I stop looking at the steps and set my sights on Him, 
my path looks a lot more like this:

With my eyes set on Him, I may not know exactly where that path will lead, (and that is difficult for that tiny perfectionist in me), but as I look back, I will see that my path was so much more direct and not a single step was missed along the way.

This week, I am learning to refocus.


Rhonda said...

So very true!

Thanks for inviting me to spend the day with you today! I had so much fun.

Of course, shopping is always a good thing. :)

Holly said...

Oh yes! I love you!

Amy said...

I'm with ya girl! Always watching my feet to make sure the line is straight.
Thankfully, we know HE will make our paths straight!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What excellent words