Friday, March 16, 2007

Rise up Women of God...

God is repeatedly, through many sources speaking this word to the women...(I believe around the world). God has put this so deep in my spirit for a very long time, and I am watching God perform his will around me...from friends, to women like Faytene Kryskow being put into places of authority both in the spiritual realm and in the world around us.
There is a new "women's movement" taking place...BUT THIS ONE WILL BE DIFFERENT!!!
This one is not about us, and our rights, this is about God doing what he Sovereignly wants to do here on earth through us. THIS MOVEMENT IS ONE OF TRUE SUBMISSION, FROM THIS PLACE GOD is BRINGING AUTHORITY. The ones you will see rise up in God's authority, will be the ones who have lived a life of Godly submission, and who are not even looking for position or authority...they will be the ones God uses because their hearts are tender before Him, and they want Him more than anything on earth.


Men...we need you. Don't feel left out. You are a huge part of this, and God is using you as well. You need to get a picture of what God is doing in women right now, so that you can come along side us...we need your strength, your experience, and we need you support. Both in prayer, and as our "husbands, fathers, brothers, leaders". God may ask some of you to "push" some of us women along. Sometimes, it is easier for us to stay in the background...even though God may be positioning us differently. We need you to labor along side us, and as we birth this next phase of God's Kingdom on earth...we need you right there beside us.
When I gave birth in the natural to each of our four children, there was nothing and no one I needed more than Mark. As I would enter the final stage of childbirth, I needed Mark's face right in front of my face. Literally, during our last daughter's birth, I had Mark in a head lock and refused to let go until Jianna was born. This was very funny to those who witnessed it, but for me it was the difference between making it through the birth or not....and Mark knew that.

Women, we can't do this alone, we need our men. God will be giving you support and strength through the men that He has placed in your life, so hold on tight to them.

The following is a word given by Kim Clement, and it was such a confirmation to me of what God had already put on my you read, let God deposit His seed in you that you will , in due season, give birth to His promises.

The words in color or bold and italics, are the things that God highlighted to me...they are not like this in the original word.

God said, "I'm looking to women again to bring forth and to birth what will change a generation"
The Spirit of God says, "You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses--the greats of yesterday that stood out amongst men, amongst royalty, and made a difference--they are surrounding you. For there was a sound in each one of their spirits when they faced the giants of their time--that sound exists in this generation of women," say s the Lord of Hosts.

"This sound is a sound of tenderness; this sound is a sound of bold gentleness. This sound is a sound that has petrified the powers of hell, for this same sound existed within Esther. The same sound existed within Deborah. The same sound existed in Mary when the Rock came forth, and satan has watched the women of this generation and said 'no more,'" but the Spirit of God says, "they will arise, and when they arise, they will bring forth the Rock, Christ Jesus again!"
As a prophet, I have heard the sound--In this day, and in this year of acceleration--women suddenly accelerating and touching the untouchable, and reaching the unreachable. That's what I saw and God said, "Tell these women, you are the instigators and the initiators of this movement that is about to touch the entire earth."
"It has been some time now," says the Lord, "that I have focused My attention once again on the women to bring forth the Word--the Rock. It has been a while now, that I have looked for a sound to come from a place where women would arise not with temperament, but with character and with virtue. And a sound that would come from them for one reason, 'God, Your will be done on earth as i t is in Heaven. And Lord, what You are dictating in Heaven right now, we want to perform on earth,' this is their prayer."
And God says, "There's been a sound that I've been waiting for, and this year was the year that I designated to bring forth women of great virtue and of great power. Some of you have been locked away; some of you have been bound. Some of you have been freed to the point of now understanding the bondage of others. But this is not the question at hand today."
The Spirit of God says, "Do you know that there is inside of you--about to be born that which has been there for a long time, for a long, long time," says the Lord. "And this time as women who worship come forth," God said, "there has been a quickening--something is moving inside the spiritual womb." Now God says, "This place has been transformed into a delivery room."
God says, "No, you will not walk from this place saying, 'I received much.' But you will walk from this place saying, 'I delivered something; I delivered something.' A delivery room, as you know, is a place of pain and a place of stress where there is blood," but God said, "in the midst of all of this, once the sound of life comes forth from the womb," God said, "something new, something fresh begins to take place in the atmosphere."
God said, "I'm looking to women again to bring forth and to birth what will change a generation. You have not gathered together in vain. What has happened, is you have brought forth and I hear the sound of a child being born. I hear the sound of a child being born. From your spiritual womb a movement shall take place," says the Lord, from this house.


Shari said...

Wow, this is so moving. I can't stop weeping.

I've been spending time down by the's where I "hear" best. This expresses so much of what I've been "hearing the Father" say and what's been on my heart.

I have to get to work but will probably read this again later and may comment more.

Thanks Jen - I believe you are hearing the Word of the Lord clearly!

With much respect

Amy said...

Beautiful Jen.
I totally get this b/c I have had children. With Hannah it was so easy to birth her, but with Isaiah I thought I was dying. Literally. The pain was so severe I was screaming for something...gas, drugs, something...but nothing came.
Obviously it was worth it..I'm willing to do it again.
Thing is, if God is birthing something, it MAY bring about some intense pain...where we feel like dying...but the joy it brings forth is overwhelming.
Thanks Jen. I look forward to the bundle of joy he is bringing.

Cheryl said...

I agree with what you are saying Jen.

Lately, I have had a number of dreams with me being pregnant and almost due, then dreams of giving birth and dreams of nursing more than one baby.

My spirit witnesses with this, and my attention has be to prepare my heart for what is coming. He is preparing us all. And you are right Amy the transition phase of the last part of labour is difficult but worth every moment.

Holly said...

This bears witness...

I started out the year watching Brave Heart and really felt God speaking to me through it. A personal call for me to be brave, BOLD, come out of the shadows and step up to WHATEVER God asks of me...even if it is not comfortable. My spirit is excited and my flesh trembles!

Go Woman Of God, Go! ;o)

Williams Family Blog said...

This is so overwhelming for me...

Going to take a bit to process..

Wow, God........


Anonymous said...


I saw this section of Your Blog and am excited in my Spirit!

I have been seeing things changing and doors of opportunity beginning to open. (It is a new Season!)

I Love How God is healing and raising up Women who through thier pain and His work in them Have been able to Bring Him Glory!

In 2 Cor.12v.9.
Jesus speaks of the Sufficiency of His Grace. It makes us assured that even in our inadequacies He can and does use us.

"My Grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor. 12:9

Now if that is not encouraging.....I don't know what is!!!
Bless You for Letting God move so profoundly through You!
He has certainly Given You Beauty!


Tamatha said...

I have a feeling that this is going to be a year of stepping out and being stretched more and more! I am afraid...but looking forward to it all at the same time.:o)

Nana Cheryl said...

Thank you Jen for sharing this.
God does indeed have "special assignments" for the Women of God whom HE has chosen and prepared for "such a time as this." He will position them and then call them to "Rise Up" in HIS timing. Over and over, the Bible says: "in the fullness of time"....

God does have a plan - a wonderful plan - and it includes WOMEN (you and me and MANY others), not rising up to claim rights or position, but waiting for His call to rise up in Godly strength and wisdom to fulfil HIS plan.

Do not doubt it - it will come to pass.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Amen!!!! As Mary once said, "I am the Lord's servant, May it be to me as you have said." Your will be done on earth as it is already done in heaven.

Received with an open heart, Tammy