Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Life in the Spring...

I Love Spring!
Isn't it awesome to see the signs of winter melting, and the promise of new life bursting all around us?
Even yesterday, when it rained all day, I felt great, because the spring rains melt away the snow, and bring new life once again. Such an awesome process. As I type on a lazy Sunday afternoon; my husband is napping, Jonathan is off with a friend working on a project, and I convinced Michael, Maria, and Jianna to enjoy this beautiful day. They are out jumping on the trampoline and enjoying the warm sun.

I had such an urge for ice cream today....not even a typical desire for me...but the weather just made it feel like it was time to celebrate all that this wonderful new season is unfolding.
(My practical side....resisted the urge though, and came home to make tea instead!)
Even without ice cream I am bursting with excitement this afternoon...I see the people all around me coming out of hibernation, and beginning to feel the freedom of life in the Spring.

I also feel this in my spirit....I have felt that March is a pivotal month for many of us. I feel like we have been in our time of hibernation and some cold winds and barren months have brought a time of waiting and at times discouragement. Our seeds have been frozen in what seems a desolate ground....BUT IT'S SPRING!!!!

God is resurrecting us, and bringing new life to us and our circumstances. Just as in the season of Spring, we are in a tremendous season of hopes being renewed. Signs of new life are all around us, I encourage all of you to look around with me....the way you might dig under some old moldy leaves in order to find a beautiful tulip or crocus beginning to burst out of it's frozen state. God's beauty will be more evident in this new season, so start looking for what He's doing. As you begin to see more of the signs of Spring in the outside world...remember that He is doing the same thing in the spiritual realm all around and in us.

Thank You Father for this Beautiful new season, and help us to focus on you, and not the mess of melting snow and accumulated dirt.


Holly said...

I love Spring too. Cool about your ice cream craving. Today we were called up and then taken out to Reid's Dairy for ice cream(although I made a healthier choice and had frozen yoghart)!!

Happy Spring to you Jenny and your family!

Shari said...

I love all the smells of spring. The colours are amazing but the smells are what gets me.

We barbequed last night for the first time in ages..yum! We spent today wtih Cyndi and Sheldon and had another barbeque - steak. Meat and more of it barbequed is what most of our guys probably love about spring.

I am More than ready for this change of season and stand in agreement with your declaration of new things spiritually...."I'm positioning myself, our household, and church body under An Open Heaven."- YES AND AMEN!!
p.s. thanks for your encouraging comments - my spirit absorbed them!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you girl. I am going to puddle in my garden this week. The grass is starting to grow here, and my herbs are growing!

I love the promise of new life, and a new season.


Tamatha said...

A new season....yes it feels very much like a new season. I just need to live in this one...and not have my eyes on the past seasons.:o) (I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!)