Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jen's Blog?

My own Blog...hmmmm.
So why?
Is it because my dear friend Holly emailed a hint in passing ; )
Maybe to be one of the "cool" people mentioned in intercession Tuesday night.

As with some other things that happen in my life, I got here before I realized what "here" was. Yet, even as I question, I know that God has a purpose in even just feels like something I should do right now.
There is a nagging little thing that God keeps reminding me of. Something deep down that I know He has put there. A need to write. Write what? Many things have been suggested, and I have entertained ideas myself. I don't have the answer to that yet, but I feel like this is a path that just may take me to that answer one day. In the mean time, it's just time to write.
So, I will write about the things that God puts on my heart. Maybe in some of the seemingly simple, seemingly insignificant things that fill my mind and heart...I will come across something rather profound.
God seems to like to work that way, at least with me.
Today, this new journey begins...I will enjoy the trip...and try not to only look for the destination.


Rhonda said...

Welcome Jen.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts. For those of us who have had a desire or an urging to 'write' this is a great outlet.



shari said...

This was also my first day to enter a blog. I also have a sense of excitement and don't know exactly where this will all go - but it's definately going in the right direction!!
I look forward to having a "peek" at the things God is sharing with you.
Oh, I am LOVING my treadmill!

Holly said...

Selfishly, I am glad because I know that you are a great writter and this will give me the opportunity to read your "stuff"! I am happy for you too, beacause I know you will enjoy this new time "blogging" and it will be "good medicine" for your soul! ;o)
Take the limits off!

Amy said...

Welcome to blogworld.

Look forward to reading lots more!!

Williams Family Blog said...

I am so thrilled that you are joining this blogging network. Look forward to seeing what things God lays on your heart in the coming weeks


Cheryl said...

Welcome Jen!

I will truly enjoy hearing your very deep and sincere heart.

Tamatha said...

Ok....I know this has been here for a while...but I am trying to get caught up on everyones blog...and learn how to work things on mine!lol I am feeling more connected right now than I have in ages!:o) Thanks for your encouragements!