Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We all had a good laugh at Tamar and my adventure, now I thought I'd share some of the "meat" from the conference.

Our first service, pastor Jeff spoke, and guess what his topic was? "It's a New Season"
Once again, God is speaking corporately, as He speaks to our individual hearts. He is so good, and I always get such a kick out of these kinds of confirmations!

Instead of rewriting his sermons, I will give you point form highlights;

-God is not interested in "potential", but our heart. If we have potential, we can accomplish something...if our heart is humble, He can accomplish something...even if we have no potential.

-**Be prepared, in new seasons, God will show up and give you NEW instructions!**

-Listening and obedience are of extreme importance.

- Foundational elements of promotion are humility, and stewardship...what are we doing with what he has already given?

kneel at the cross and give up our will. Surrender self, and pick up HIS will.
...when I pick up His will, resurrection power comes.

-Pride will bring the resistance of God.
resistance of the enemy can be overcome...
resistance of God is IMMOVABLE...we must remain humble!

The second service was mostly impartation, and I don't have notes, because I was out on the floor through the teaching part....It was GOOD!

Final service was another confirmation...

**"Words will dictate your destiny. Fruit in season will only come, if you change your thinking and your words"**

- Words spoken, link me to Jesus Christ - connect through confession 0f your mouth

-Hebrews 3:1 and 4:14...hold on to your confession!

-Faith is connected to our words!

**don't ever be in a place, where the Lord uses the world to throw you into His will....**

God is speaking across this nation and the world...the same message. When there are this many confirmations, I know that I need to pay attention! God is establishing His Word, and I want to hear, understand, and obey. It's time to revisit some of the things God has been saying with reformation, change of seasons, and confession...This is a global message!
I thought you would all be encouraged, that truly the things God has been laying on our hearts, and asking us to lay down...are his will for us for this season.
I am getting all the more excited about the May conference...God is up to something!


Holly said...

Thanks for sharing Jenny!

I too am so excited about the up-coming conference in May!! I am expecting great and wonderful things.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the reminder Jen.

I am excited about what God is saying to His church. We are ready to obey now in this season, and we are ready to receive all the good fruit that will come with the obedience.

Thank God He never gives up on us!

Cheryl said...

PS - If you all want to hear the sermon that I heard on Sunday called "Watch Your Mouth"

Here is the address of my church and you can listen to the sermon free online. Its intense!

Then go to Audio Sermon!!!

Brandy said...

Thank you Jen for the insight!!! I can't wait either for the conference in May. I am filled with expectation!!!!

Shari said...

Well, it sounds like the great services may up for the lousy accomadations!!lol

Neat - some of the highlights you touched on from Pastor Jeff are things I've written in my journals from late fall till now. As I've been sharing things with Kevin more of the pieces are coming together.

I am excited and also at greater peace knowing that I'm not on this journey alone BUT many others are also.

I know that God is and will produce great things in this season if I remain faithful and don't grow weary....BUT this is emotional exhausting. This is not a negative confession - just the truth. God is require a lot and I am counting the cost. I don't want to write a check and later have it bounce....I want to write a check with integrity and honor.

Anyhow, thanks for the read. It was good, as usual.

Williams Family Blog said...

Just reading your notes from the weekend just stirs up my spirit. I can't wait till May!


Tamar said...

I agree with You All!

Expecting Great things!

Thanks for sharing Jen!
It is Wonderful How the confirmations keep coming and keep helping our faith to increase!