Monday, March 12, 2007

Jon gets a job...

My oldest son Jonathan was offered his first job today....if you don't count newspapers...and mom chores.
He will be working in the pro shop of one of the local golf courses...I am very excited for him. It'll be a fun environment, and he will learn a lot. God is good and His favor is on our children too. Jonathan really wanted a summer job, but is still pretty young, so there aren't as many options as there are for an older student. Mark and I had some opinions about the kind of environments we did and did not want him to be in for his first look at the world as an employee.

He was supposed to hear a couple of weeks ago, so we assumed he had not gotten the job and were going to try some of the other courses...then the call came today.
For me as mom, it is a little surreal...I am very proud of him, yet I also know that first jobs can get interesting. So my heart is a little torn. In the end, I have to trust that all of the toilet scrubbing, vacuuming, helping out with younger siblings that we have required over the years; coupled with what we hope is a solid work ethic, will be a part of a solid foundation for this new phase of Jonathan's life. Now, I must trust my oldest baby to the Lord, and what he desires to bring into Jonathan's life to refine him for his future. As much as I love my son, I know that My God loves Him more, and I guess it's time for me to let him spread his wings just a little more, and practice flying.
God, Help this mother's heart, as you help my firstborn venture one step closer to his destiny in you.

I do have one thing I do not understand is it possible to have a child entering the work force...even part time...if I am still 18! I think I need more help than I realized.


Shari said...

Okay Jen

I'm free to meet tomorrow for" Reality 101" .....thinking you are 18 goes beyond just being blond (that was a little cold)!

Your boy will do wonderful in the work force. You and Mark have taught your children what it means to submit, respect and also work.

It is scary how fast they grow up Amanda attended college today to confrim her courses for September. Ryan has just signed a lease, so he will soon be gone from the nest. Somedays I feel 30 and other days 65 yrs. old.

Life certainly is not dull. Things are constantly changing if we like it or not!

Rhonda said...

It can be overwhelming when our children start taking those first steps towards adulthood. We are parenting them to become independent, yet we want to keep them forever. What a challenge.

The day that our son found out that he was hired for his first job was the day that Sarah sent off her college application. I'm so glad that we had a third child - I can hang on just a little longer. The problem - she wants to spread her wings much more quickly than the other two at every stage. Argh!

What an exciting blessing to share in each step that they take.


Anonymous said...

Jen this will be a blessing in the long run for you.
I have had the opprotunity to golf with your husband, and he could all the the free golf balls Jon will be able to get him. The money saved from that alone will be a nice day at the spa to help you look and feel 18.

Tamatha said...

You make me laugh! 18 indeed!hehe
Tell Jon I said congrats on the job!
Don't worry...he is a hard worker with a good attitude...he will do just fine at work. I could see that just from the other day when I was able to hang out with your gang for the evening.:o)

Holly said...

Please pass on congrats to Jonathan from our clan!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jonathan.
He is a very unique young man. He has such a great heart and a sense of authority even at this young age.
He has a bright future.

Brandy said...

Jonathan is such a great young man,wise beyond his years. Jason and I miss him alot since he moved on from jr highs, we loved having him with us!! He will succeed in anything he does!!!