Friday, March 2, 2007


I had to take a minute to share this.
I was checking out my friend Rhonda's blog when Jonathan came in.

Jon: "Blog?"
me: "I'm on Rhonda's....see your antics with dad have been read"
Jon: chuckles..."man you guys are all connected's like a club, a clan....a cult!"

As I laughed, I told him I had a new idea for a post! He was it!He did panic a bit, but I told him he could trust me not to get personal with his "stuff"...most of it! ; )

Something he said was kind of cool though..."you are all connected now".
That sounded good.
To be connected with a bunch of women who were all pursueing God, and writing about the joys and challenges of reformation. Reformation not just for the sake of reformation, but reformation that will cause us to grow and overcome and conquor. Reformation that will cause us to be stronger women, and more importantly, stronger in Him. feels good to be "connected".


Holly said...

Sometimes the kid's will ask me: Did you write anything on your blog today?" If I say yes, the next question is "Did you write about me?" I guess because they are younger than your teenager, they feel differently than Jon....they love it!!

Oh, and you are does feel good to be "connected"!

Shari said...

My kids are getting a real kick out of Mom blogging.

I also enjoy connecting with other ladies, especially when they are so positive and in love with Jesus.

Keep on writting

Tamatha said...

Ok, I have to leave with only reading this far...I look forward to catching up on the other thoughts you have shared. For now I have to work on my homework, cook supper and then play board games with my husband and my friend Elizabeth.
It does feel good to be connected:o)