Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maria's Intruder

This is the little guy Miss Maria discovered as a "peeping tom" perched on the ceiling as she was taking her shower this morning.

Boy! Can that little girl scream!!
The problem is, she just words, so you don't know if she is being sucked down the drain, stubbed her toe or in this case, saw a spider.

I was unable to come to her rescue at that moment so she began to holler for Daddy.
There is no way she will deal with these guys on her own....even a little spider sends her into "Damsel in Distress" mode.

I asked her what she was going to do when she was all grown up and had her own place.
"Call Daddy"
"What if he lives like way across town or something?"
"I don't care, I'll call him anyway"

I don't think this little girl should move to Australia, what do you think Karen?


Rhonda said...

I see nothing wrong with Maria's response to her intruder.

What a wonderful way to remind her Daddy how needed he is. :)

Holly said...



Williams Family Blog said...

I agree. I don't think Australia would be a good fit for Maria. (and that critter wasn't even poisonous.)

Just curious, does anyone know of any tropical country out there that does not have any disgusting snakes or spiders? Any ideas?

For now I have a pair of Cliffs size 12 shoes ready in case I discover any other intruders while Cliff is at work.

Tamatha said...

lol......I don't like spiders either! I only deal with the little cobweb makers if there is nobody else available to do so!haha