Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas with the Chows

Christmas Morning 2008

Jonathan P, Maria, Jennifer, Jianna, Jonathan C and Michael

(Jennifer-my cousin- was my first Chinese baby, her mom lived with us when she had her, I was 15 and took Jen everywhere with me, dressed her up and cried all night when her mom took her to live with her daddy 2 hours away. Stephanie is not in the picture, she is a nurse and was in the process of moving back to Aylmer from Fredericton at Christmas, so we didn't get to see her. Steph. used to come to church with us every week as a little girl, and spent many overnights with us when we were in the Ottawa area. Jonathan C was born after Mark and I were married and we lived with these guys for 6 months when we first moved to Ottawa. He used to spend many weekends with Mark and I after we moved out and was our very first little man. He was 2 when my Jonathan was born, we were moving back to New Brunswick, so named our Jonathan for him...not realizing we would be back in close proximity a couple of years later. 

It was fun to all be under one roof for Christmas, my dad joined us from NS as well.

Jen took Maria downtown Ottawa to LuLulemon on Boxing Day, then to La Senza to buy matching PJ shirts...the next day, she took both girls on another shopping trip to make sure Jianna got a shirt as well.
All my girls in my favorite color...ahhh.


Shaun and Holly said...

So good to see your Christmas pictures!!

Williams Family Blog said...

Great Pictures, it is always fun to spend Christmas with your extended family. Your Aunt is very hospitable and probably a great cook too.
We were away from home and
I know my kids had a lot of fun hanging out with their cousins this Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun!!!

Maureen said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.
The girls look so great in pink