Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got to Love a Good Snow Storm

One of the things that I had slated to accomplish this week was the monumental task of cleaning Michael's bedroom. I am in no way exaggerating when I say monumental either.

It's partly my own fault...Michael's room is in the basement. Jonathan's is as well, but right at the bottom of the stairs so it is quite easy to see when he has been using his floor as a dumping ground. Mike has had the advantage of being in a back corner. I have tried unsuccessfully to make my children responsible for their own rooms.

Although I will tell Mike to clean up, his idea is similar to the second cartoon and I will admit that my follow up with him has been similar to the first cartoon.
We are making some changes to accommodate each of the children having their own room and Michael is moving upstairs to a much smaller room which I am hoping will enable him to take a little more care. 

Tomorrow, Maria was scheduled to stay home as most of her class was heading on a ski trip that she did not want to to attend. I told her she could stay home with me, provided she was willing to help me with the "Michael Abyss". Maria's bus was cancelled and while I was still asleep, Mark made the decision Jianna and Mike could stay home as well. 

I look at snow days as, I recruited
 all hands to tackle the abyss this afternoon. 

It only took us about 4 hours, 4 garbage bags of clothes and I believe we are at 8 bags of garbage...I am NOT KIDDING. Mind you, I did not have time to go through his dresser, so I guess we are not quite done the "MEGA PURGE". 
Mark is going to FLIP when he comes home and sees our recycle and garbage...oh well, that will be his part in all of this.

The silver lining is that Michael has no toys left in his room and only the clothes that he actually wears...all neatly hung up in his closet. WOO HOO!!! You have
 no idea how happy this makes me!

Being the Domestic Diva that I was today, I did take the time to teach the girls to follow in their Down East heritage by making home made bread and rolls to go with the home made spaghetti Jianna has been begging for for weeks.

The sad part is that yes, I can make bread from scratch, but neither of my girls actually remembers eating it...that's how long it has been. 

They will love it just as the men do, and it is good I have work as an excuse not to make it regularly, because there is little better in life than warm homemade bread and butter....and my hips would not be pleased!

Now, if I decide to goof off the whole rest of my week off....I think I have earned it!
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Rhonda said...

I also feel very satisfied when I can get one of my children's rooms cleaned and organized. But what a job to tackle!

I thought about you today with the buses being canceled. So much for your holiday. :)

And that bread looks so yummy!!! I'm on my way over. That was an invite..wasn't it?? :)

Williams Family Blog said...

I love purging stuff out of the house and the kids rooms. Though this year will be a little different for us. There are school uniforms so that will make the clothes organization a little different and hopefully easier.
Snow days are wonderful too,..I will admit that I will miss those this year.

Shari said...

Purging gives me the warm fuzzies all over!!

8 Bags of Garbage.... what was he hiding in that room - a body or two?

Shari said...

My Response to Karen's Comment

Poor wee Karen... having no snow days this year.

Girl, you'll get no sympathy from us folks who are digging out, while you are touching up your toe nail polish for your next beach outing!! :)
Love ya

Jen said...

Yeah I know, it's embarrassing really....he literally has nothing but clothes and a few very special items including his Nerf guns left.

We went a little nuts, toys everything went, but all nostalgia went out the window when I thought of the clutter that could redevelop.
There were no bodies...that I know of, but I did not look too closely at the contents of a few storage drawers before dumping...there were some old lunches for's a wonder we never had rodents!

I learned to live with geckos, ants and cockroaches in Figi...I think I'd take some spiders and bats for beaches....BUT, I'd always have something BIG and Heavy close at hand.

Shaun and Holly said...

Oh Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jen said...


I am sorry, but the bread has all been devoured...I'll make a regular size batch next time ( I was running low on flour yesterday), and be sure you get a loaf....of course, given my pattern, that could be 2-4 years from now, can you wait that long?

Shaun and Holly said...

PS> The bread looks soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!! I have special memories of making buns with my own mom! :)

Amy said...

mmm...that looks yummy!! I'd love the recipe for the bread..I've never made it, but would love to try.


Btw..I think you left me a message about some army toys for Isaiah? If it was you, and you still have them, I'm sure he would love them. If not, no worries.

Roxanne said...

WOW! You had a productive day!