Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Beginning of a Week of Recuperation

Well, exams are done, and I only came across a couple of girls who completely fell a part in the process. After Tuesday, most of the kids seemed to settle into exams without as much of the craziness...except for the 2 little "hoodlums" who decided to light their notes on fire, in the school, after exams were finished. Thankfully, they were not in the area I was supervising, were quickly caught and swiftly dealt with. 

Given the fact that in my job, I am interacting day in and day out with pretty much the same kids, I am privy to a lot of information another staff member or adult might not be.
After hearing about the many stress relief parties being planned before and after exams, I was once again thankful for my son and the friends he has chosen to hang out with.
One of the VPs walked around with me for a while on Friday and we chatted about her child getting close to the high school age, some of the things we see working in the high school and many of the parties being planned. 
I told her about my son's plans to join a bunch of friends for sledding, Chinese food and later an Xbox/pizza party. That there would be no alcohol and that I trusted him with this group of friends. She was amazed and wanted to know "how I had done that".

I was able to explain that we surrounded our children with like minded kids from like minded families for the most part, and that it has been key in encouraging them to maintain the values that we have instilled in our home. Also, that we have tried to lead by example, we are not out partying with friends, so our kids don't see it as something to aspire to.
As a mom, I have discovered that "positive peer pressure" can be a very good thing!

Thank You to each one of you who have been a part of this surrounding of positive peer pressure and know that your children are a blessing to one another and a light in a world where the norm for high school kids is very different from our kids' reality.
Thanks for doing a great job with your kids!

Now, I get to enjoy a week off for recuperation!!


Rhonda said...

Yet another reminder that YOU are exactly where you are supposed to be. :)

Thanks for being a Light!

Hope you enjoy the play today.

Jen said...


Just got back from the play....I was sooooo PROUD of these kids, I even shed more than a tear or two.
I know I had nothing to do with the performance, but having watched these kids work SOOOO hard day in and day out for months, even with exams on....WOW!!
They were incredible and I am definitely not spoiling it by seeing this show in TO! Dirty Dancing, it will be.

Shaun and Holly said...

So glad for you that this week will be more restful. :)

Shari said...

Recuperation is wonderful. During January I just want to stay in for the evenings - turn the fireplace on - read a book or watch a movie and drink cups and cups of tea!

Enjoy lots of tea this recuperating week - Cheers!