Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Loss is Heaven's Gain

"JILL AUSTIN Has Gone Home
to Be with Jesus
At 9:48 CST January 9, 2009"

This situation has so saddened me. Through Jill's  "Master Potter" books, God brought such clarity to me about many aspects of my walk with Him. He also opened my eyes and heart to what He is able to accomplish through  books that are fiction or parables, but birthed in His heart. If you have never read either of these books they really are life changing and I would highly recommend them.  

 I have included a link to Jill's ministry site below.
You can go there for more details, but on Jan. 6'th, it was discovered that Jill's intestine was twisted and infection set in, she underwent 2 surgeries, but was unable to recover and past away last eve.

Please pray for Jill's loved ones, I am sure this is an unexpected and excruciating loss for them and for this ministry. Jill's gifts were unique and I am praying that God will raise up others to walk in the anointing and power that were a part of Jill's mantles. 


Shaun and Holly said...

oh how sad (for us still on Earth)! Her books have blessed me as well.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I had heard of her illness earlier in the week and had been praying and checking into her website.
She has had tremendous influence/

Shari said...

I'm with Holly - this is sad for us!

Nana Cheryl said...

WOW. I just found out tonight. I too was deeply impacted by Jill's "Master Potter" books - so prophetically symbolic. I highly recommend reading them. In fact, I own 2 copies with one set lent out now.

I was blogging to portions of "Dancing with Destiny" (her latest book) and plan to do more with it.

It's a tremendous loss for us, but I KNOW that it was not a surprise for God. Trusting in His timing and believing that His plan WILL be accomplished in ALL areas Jill was involved in.

A reminder not to waste our time, but to use it wisely as we don't know how long we truly have.