Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Crafty Cards

Miss Jianna's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, and as with most kids she has been planning ....almost least it seems that way to her....(and sometimes to me).

About three weeks ago, she decided she wanted to make her invitations...THAT day. It didn't seem to matter that  she hadn't settled on the kind of party she wanted, (at one point she only wanted 2 friends and dinner my child turning 6 or 30?); some how doing something might bring her birthday about faster. I put her off, by deciding that we would make special cards this year.

This week, Maria and I found this little kit to make note cards, as I had never made cards or done scrap booking, this seemed like the best route.  
Jianna has been itching to break open this kit and get started. Since Maria had a friend over, I thought the three girls and I could sit down and tackle this momentous task. 

I will admitt, I was somewhat fearful as my creative juices did not seem to be flowing very freely. I let the girls design the cards and my job was to glue everything in the exact locations they specified.

I am extremely impressed with their was so easy , (mostly) mess free....and FUN! Just the way crafts are supposed to be. My girls have a Crayola Kit for making their friends' birthday cards and have loved it, but after trying our hand at this...I am thinking we will begin to collect  more materials and see just how creative we can become!

Now, if I could get Jianna to settle on her perfect party idea, we could address a few of these, time is running out.


Holly said...

very cute! What kind of glue did you use?

Rhonda said...

They are very pretty! I'm sure that making the cards was a lot of fun for the girls!

Amy said...

Card making is one of my favourite things...I rarely make time...but I do LOVE the outcome!! Very nice!!!

Jen said...

Holly, that was one of my difficulties....figuring out what glue to use that would hold buttons and bows etc. I took a chance on my glue gun as I knew it would hold, just worried about the paper. It worked well, but we had to deal with all of those little glue strings and it meant the girls, couldn't that is one of the first items I need to research and buy...the proper glue.
Any tips Amy?

Shari said...

At one point Amanda and Roxanne's girls would spend months planning their birthday parties - cards, theme, even making up games. What ever happened to the days when you simply put money in the birthday cake.. now I'm REALLY dating myself.

Brittany said...

WOW sounds like alot of fun wish I was there to see it all. Maybe this year I will do something like that for my b day or just do something really cute and fun just like it!

Tamatha said...

I don't remember having birthday parties when I was that this something new? Or maybe I was just a hick on a 100 acres!lol