Monday, February 25, 2008

Week 3 Update

I managed my 5 work outs, though I had to cut Friday's short as I had to be at Parkdale for Hotdog duty by 10:30. 
The work outs are becoming my new norm and I really don't mind them, Monday's are actually refreshing, (in a demented kind of way...: ).
Seriously though, after a 2 day break, it feels good to push myself again.

Blood pressure, not as good last week. My lower (diastolic?) number is staying perfect, but the higher number was a little high this week.
It's still way down from my original high of...nurses don't faint here, 180/100...(or so).

A week ago, I averaged around 138/78....VERY Normal, this week, I am more like 158/80...maybe it was that Easter-Jen- Flurry?!??!?

Anyway, I am not worried, (somewhat disappointed though) still working away and I see my Dr. next week, so, maybe there will be some answers.


Rhonda said...

Keep on keeping on!!! You are doing great! So many benefits with all of this. Good for you Jen!! Really GOOD for you!

Shari said...

I have the opposite problem to you Jen, my numbers get very low... so I tend to be light headed (no smart comments girls... and boys).

Are you also on meds to help bring the blood pressure down? I commend you for being so diligent with your exercise... you've been so focused!!

Amy said...

Oh my...180/! I was 169/110 when I had Hannah and they were very glad you are taking steps to heal your body and allowing God to do his part. Well done Jen! You are doing a fantastic job!!!

Jen said...

Yeah was pretty high.
Right now, I am happy that it has come down so much.

No meds at this point...I guess the Dr. wants to find out WHY it was so high first.
So, considering everything, there is major ground gained, and I am trusting God with the rest of it.

I know the long term benefits of the work outs go beyond the BP, If the tests are all fine, I will talk to the Dr. about seeing a nutritionist, in case there are foods I should be watching that I don't realize.

Again, thanks for your support, I feel like this was a set back, but considering everything....I am pleased. I am pushing myself harder than ever in the past, and there has been no faintness, shortness of breath or chest pains, so PTL, I think it is safe to rule out their first HEALED heart! Still waiting on a call from the cardiologist to get in for a check up though.

Roxanne said...

Does getting off the couch to go to the fridge count as exercise?

Cheryl said...

138/78 an OK blood pressure for your height I think.
130/70 would be really good probably, but it sounds like you are on your way to taking care of your body. Decreasing sodium and excercising are two very important keys.
Its amazing how much sodium is in things. Way to go Jen... and thanks God!

Holly said...

Keep doing what you are doing! I am proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

wow prasie god !!!!!!!!! good job keep up the good work