Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

Of course that is how Jianna felt about turning five too....hmmmm....I wonder how long she will be excited about Six.
No doubt by summer she will be wishing for Feb. 16'th once again, sigh! 
She has no idea how hard it is to let your last baby grow up at the expected 365 day rate...let alone allowing it to happen in mega leaps and bounds!
She will one day though ; )

I LOVE this picture, is it not truly all of the excitement of a little girl who has practically held her breath for months waiting for her birthday?
All of her planning and she ended up with the very 2 friends she wanted all along....and was as excited as if there were a dozen!
To top it all off, her beloved "Miss Britt" is coming to visit tonight AND to spend a birthday dinner out as big girls tomorrow...For Jianna, It doesn't get any better than this weekend.

I have been tormenting her all week about how many days I have left for "5 year old kisses", and technically I still have just over 2 hours to collect those; so I better chase down some 5 year old kisses before they are gone forever!

Oh! Notice the little monkey candle on the cake?
I had bought Jianna a brand new 6,
 but she saw this one in our collection of number candles and HAD to have it. 
It was on my 6 year old birthday cake 33 years ago...I remember how much I loved it too!!!


Williams Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday Jianna! I hope you like your presents.

from Calia

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Jianna!! Josiah had his Birthday party today too! ;o) Have a wonderful time tomorrow too (with Brittany)!

Holly, Shaun,
Josiah and Tirzah

Jen said...

She loved her gifts! Her little friend Janaia from school, (was in gymnastics with Calia), she got Jianna one of the LPS VIP's as well, a monkey, and she loves them, has registered them and found doll clothes for them.Perfect gifts, thank you Calia!!

Amy said...

Now I know how old you are!

Happy Birthday Jianna!!

Holly said...

PS> Jianna, you are a beauty!

Rhonda said...

That's really cool that you have your candle that was on your 6-year old cake!!!

Happy Birthday Jianna!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jianna!! are you still singing lots??? I hope so.
Sending you my love and hugs.

Shari said...

Happy birthday Jianna.

How is Mark doing with his princess getting older?

Roxanne said...

Sounds like a great birthday. Great photo of the birthday girl too.

Jen said...

Yes 39....and HOLDING!!!!!
Actually, I will forever hold out on the truth of the scripture that my youth is renewed like the eagles....Hey!!! I might need that 6 candle again one day.

Jianna sings now more than ever. The girls can't sleep without their worship CD, and they are both taking voice and HIP HOP through Harvest School of the Arts...and having a blast....We got Jianna "Dance Dance Revolution" and "High School MUsical Sing It" for the Wii for her birthday, so now we can hear the singing all the way upstairs....woo hoo!

Actually, I love watching and listening to them.

Tamatha said...

I can hardly believe that it has been six years since I slapped your husband in the head for pulling your cat's tail!lol Good times...good times!:O)