Wednesday, February 27, 2008

As many of you know, I have questioned of late, what it is I need to be doing with 
"all my spare time".
I have prayed, talked with hubby, thought, questioned and I have interviewed for a couple of things that were not a right fit.
I have felt very selfish  in my desire to DO something...preferably something meaningful. 
If I had to work for the sake of the family budget, this would have been easier; but that was not the case it was for ME. So the idea of disrupting our lives to go back into banking etc. felt quite selfish.

In the middle of all of this, I got a call from Rhonda about a new position at Centennial, was I interested?
So, last Friday I interviewed for one of two "Hall Monitor" positions.
This seemed perfect, it was three hours a day, in the middle of the day 5 days a week and I would be off when my kids were off, PLUS it involved direct contact with the kids!

The interview went well, (I felt) and I was to hear on Monday.
Fleshly fears crept in, and I had a dream that I didn't get the job. I reasoned that if that were the case it didn't really matter as I didn't NEED the job. 

Then Sunday while sitting in church, God began to speak,
"It's not about YOU needing the job, I need you to get the job".
All of  a sudden it hit me, this isn't about ME, this is an answer to many prayers that God would influence and even take over our schools.

God was setting up a perfect scenario for me, personally yes, but there was more to it than that. I would have the opportunity to influence and speak into teens lives daily. I would get to be a set of eyes and ears for the school...but in so doing, I would be able to be Jesus' mouth, hands and heart as well. I could be praying for these kids as I walk the halls...AND get paid to do it!

After repenting for dropping the ball on what this was really all about and getting others to agree in prayer with me, I waited .
Monday came and went...I'm getting a little nervous. 
It's a very busy office, he'll call on Tuesday.
No call.
Now I am questioning whether I heard God on this at all...
While I was at the gym this am, Mark took a call from the principal. He was going to call back, when hubby (in true Mark fashion), said;
"I know she was waiting for a message from you, Is there anything you would like me to tell her?"
The principal laughed, apologized for the delay and said, "yes, you can tell her she was successful and I will call back with the next step".

So, I am no longer a "kept" woman...well, not entirely at least.
Now, to break the news to my Johnny...he thinks this will be weird and I get that...but, he is a big boy and although he will be stretched, (as will I); I know he will be fine. 
You know, knowing my son, the angels that were sent out to make this happen were probably wrestling in the Heavens between my prayers and my son's prayers. That's probably why I had to wait so long!
It's OK, God works all things together for BOTH of our good....and the good of the students of Centennial.

So, I have to rearrange my work out schedule, (might be wise to do more weight training) and I need to grow a thick skin while keeping a tender heart...So, all of your prayers would be appreciated. Primarily for favor with faculty and students alike, but also for Divine appointments.


Roxanne said...

This is great news. Congratulations! Is Centennial ready for a warrior like you?

Holly said...

Congrats to you! Can't wait to hear what God is up too, getting you in there!! ;o)

Rhonda said...

Hooray!!!! I'm so excited. I wish that the principal hadn't been so very busy that he didn't have to time to call when he was supposed to.

I asked today if he had decided yet, and coincidentally he had just hung up from talking to your husband.

I am very happy for you. This is going to be a great fit!

Anonymous said...

Great job Jenn so glad for you. Just remember extra grace for football players:-)

Amy said...

WOW!! That is awesome! YEAH!!!

Jen said...

Thanks everyone...I broke the news to first he just said a kind of not so thrilled way. Then I told him what God had been speaking to me....THEN he thought it was pretty cool and even told me about how it related to what Pastor Mark had told the youth about finding someone in their school that they could simply "be there for", and told me all about the guy, he'd been trying to connect with.
I guess we both needed to see the bigger picture....he's a good boy, I knew he'd be fine...and since he is a football player, along with his great friend Jon, I guess I will be sure to show some extra grace!

Shari said...

Okay, as I'm reading this post, I come to the part about Jonathan being "stretched"... and laughed.. that boy is already tall enough Jen... give him a break!! LOL My weird sense of humour is at it again.

For years now you've had dreams - and such a heart for the safety of kids. From my perspective it's always appeared to be a key focus in your calling - so this new door opening seemed to be the perfect "fit".

Even as we prayed with you Sunday - I could picture you in the hallway with the red jean jacket you were wearing that day.


Cathy said...

Congratulations Jenn! I think it's great that the kids will have yet one more positive influence at school. I'll be praying for you.

Cheryl said...

wow! Congrats!
Welcome to the working world!!
You'll have fun I'm sure.

Holly said...

Did you get to Ricki's????

Rhonda said...

Can't wait until Monday!!!

Jen said...

The Ricki's sale is Sunday, so I post poned dinner plans with Karen (like a wonderful hostess would do), so I could get some shopping in ; )
Inspite of this, Karen was sweet enough to let me know Winners had their Final clearance sale on...I got a few great pieces.

Rhonda, I am looking forward to Monday, (I should have a brand new wardrobe by then... (Jonathan and I decided I was not the hoodie type though)...too bad we won't be able to do lunch.

Since all my men were busy with their own plans, I had the girls take me to East Side Marios to celebrate my new job...we had fun, and the food there is so yummy...I'd forgotten how good.

Tammy said...

Congratulations Jen, wow it's so cool to see God put everyone in place for what he has in store. Have fun shopping, one of my favourite things to do.
You go girl!!!!

Tamatha said...

I am happy for you and glad that you are there. Please keep an eye out for my niece. Her name is Amanda Adams. She is in grade nine.