Monday, February 18, 2008

Week 2 Update

Good News!!
Week 2 was more encouraging than week 1 even. I was able to get my 5 work outs in on week days, which I found so much better than taking a chunk of family time on Sat.
I also found it helped get me through the last couple of days, knowing I had a 2 day break coming up...then I actually felt ready to go back today.
I took my BP a number of times again last week and eventually spoke with a pharmacist on Friday. I was actually amazed as my  BP readings, (those not taken immediately following a work out) were averaging within normal range and I wondered if this was likely given the few changes I had made.
The pharmacist was very encouraging and agrees that if sodium was the biggest factor, then yes, dropping this dramatically would be possible.
She was however concerned that I would not follow through on my testing, because of these results....but I assured her I would. I have gotten all of the blood work...and other testing out of the way this week as just have to wait to get an appt. with the cardiologist, and follow up with my GP.
In the mean time, God is showing himself very faithful once again...Thanks again for all of your support and prayers.


Rhonda said...

Hooray!!!! Good for you Jen. Keep up the good work.

Amy said...

God is always so faithful...and I know he is very pleased knowing you are taking such good care of the earthly body he gave you!! WELL DONE!!

Holly said...

I love answered prayers!

Roxanne said...

I better get myself moving!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jen!! Way to go, being faithful with your health and persevering for complete health.

Shari said...

Excellent - so many times our bodies can be put back into order with exercise and diet.. I know that now I just need to practice it!!

Williams Family Blog said...

Thats an encouraging update. Way to go!
On another note, I made it up my driveway today - thanks to rock salt and a quick prayer..

Shari said...

Does that couple coming from Australia next year have ANY clue what winter driving is like in Canada.. and have they got a peek at you driveway?!?!

Tammy said...

PTL!!!!!!! God is good!!!!