Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

OK, so I am dreaming about the fire being so delightful....but in my dream house there will be fire...preferably wood...(much to Mark's dismay), there is nothing like the smell, the warmth, the crackle and the beauty of a
 real wood fire.
Today, I was supposed to head to the Gym, but after taking the youngest boy and youngest girl to school...I thought, "Are you mad woman
?!?!?! You should be home curled up in front of a roaring yet cozy fire...." 
Since that was impossible, without burning down the house...a little counter productive to the whole warm and cozy atmosphere I was aiming for;
 I opted for a steaming pot of Blooming, Jasmine Green tea....Ahhhhhh.....Cozy.
Comforting hot tea, in 
front of a fire 
in warm PJ's with an incredible book, 
a soft blanket and hubby with his book...that's my dream for today.


Holly said...

That is a nice dream! I love fires too. I really enjoy our gas mess and no clean up. Wood heat is the best though (when someone makes it for you AND cleans it all up)! I love the crackle and popping sounds the woods makes and the smells are wonderful too...the heat is soooo cozy warm! I am dreaming too!!

Shari said...

I LOVE a wood burning stove.. all but the clean-up that comes along with it.

We went out for breakfast with Roxanne's family - yum!!

Now, the thoughts of going back to the gym... that's a nightmare for me right now - Yikes!!

Rhonda said...

Mmmm. Sounds good. Today was certainly not a nice day to venture out. I wish that 'my bus' had been cancelled. :)

Williams Family Blog said...

I love my woodstove, except for the ashes and dust.
I stayed home too. I walked the kids to the road to get on the bus. The experience of walking on the icy driveway convinced me that the van belonged in the garage for the day and I inside a nice warm house.

Amy said...

what is that thing in the picture?

Jen said...


I am guessing you are referring to the second picture?
That is a pot of "Blooming tea" one of my more recent loves.
Instead of the dried tea leaves being crushed, they are hand sewn into a tight little ball that when placed in boiled water...."bloom" into a pretty floral arrangement. The teas are mostly green tea bases with an edible flower or other tea leaves sewn in. The flavors vary depending on the tea leaves and flowers.
Next tea party, we'll have to introduce you to this tea loving experience.

By the way, No, you do not eat the bloom.

Amy said...

Interesting!!! I'll def. have to see this thing!

Tamatha said...

hehe....that's kewl.

I don't feel like going outside at all I am sitting downstairs keeping my real fire going. You can come over and sit by it if you want sometime.:o)