Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Anniversary

Donna Marie-Helena Patey (nee O'Connell)

January 12'th

1914...Doris O'Connell (nee Pellerine) was born...My Nanny, she's 94 today
Happy Birthday Nanny

1979....My Mom and my Nanny both got introduced to Jesus as their personal saviour 
and best friend

1999...My mom went to live in His presence forever

2008...I still love and miss her...Very much
Give her a kiss for me tonight Jesus...tell her I love her.


Holly said...

Oh Jenny! I didn't realize that yesterday was the day you lost your mom. Hugs to you my friend. Hope that you got through the day OK.

Rhonda said...

Must not have been a very easy day for you. So sorry about that. What a day for your Nanny!!

Shari said...

I still remember how positive your Mom was the day Maria was dedicated. She was determined not to miss out on the celebration!! She certainly added to the joy of that day.

Williams Family Blog said...

Big hugs to you my dear and a big happy birthday to your nanny!

Roxanne said...

I think you have your mother's smile.

Jen said...

Thank you all very much...I think what is tough at this stage, is that the day will come and be almost gone and then suddenly you remember....then, it's really hard when you realize how much life has become 'normal' without your loved one.

I was tired and 'off' that day....but didn't make the connection until late in the day....I know my grandmother experiences that as well. Mom would be sad to know that Nanny no longer celebrates her least, if she does, it is not on that day. I think that is sad too, but I understand.

Amy said...

I see Maria in her...She is beautiful..seems as though she's left an amazing legacy.