Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Jianna is bored....

Jianna has been home from school for the past 2 days. She has developed a really bad cough that was causing her to lose sleep and we thought it best she not share this experience with her classmates.
Since grade 1 is still lots of fun, being home without siblings can get boring pretty fast....unless you are Jianna.
Here are just a few of the ways my 5 year old  found to entertain herself (and me) today.

All of the small pictures are those of my budding photographer. In the above picture of Jianna and Kallie, we have Puppy training class 101..."catching bubbles"...then there was "cleaning up our spills", for which Kallie received a verbal play by play on where to get a towel, and how to wipe the floor, oh! and polish it.

Now, if Jianna's career as a a photographer or dog trainer don't happen to work out, maybe she could be a fill in for Billy Joel as "The Piano Girl"....make that a circus clown.


Holly said...

Great job with the camera, Jianna! I hope and pray that you are feeling better soon. Josiah was home sick today too. Pretty boring, isn't it?!

Amy said...

Ahh...the adventures of a 5 year old!!! My whole family has been stricken with that dang cough...started with Isaiah having the croup, and infected each one of us...Aliah is the last to have it and she is holding on to it as long as she can!! UGH!
Hope Jianna feels better and is off to school sooN!

Williams Family Blog said...

I find it quite cute that Calia does similar things to amuse herself.She loves taking pictures and is wanting a real digital camera so she can take pictures and write about them. She loves her doggies too (although they are not real, LPS have to do for now)
Hope she is better soon.

Tamatha said...

haha...what a kid!:o) She makes me smile:o)