Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Hanging Out

This post is in Honor of "Miss Britt"..."Fashionista Extrordinaire".
It seems Rhonda's youngest will now be enlightening the blogger world with the
 "Highlights" and "Faux Pas"
of current fashion. 
Actually, her blog will be her internship as she follows her dreams of becoming a 
 VERY SUCCESSFUL Fashion Designer.
You Go Girl! Just take it easy on all the old girls that hang out with your mom.

Check her out at:


Shari said...

You do realize that this all means your girls will want to SHOP to be just like Miss Britt.. Mark had better get out his wallet or as Wilma Flintstone would say "Charge It"!

Rhonda said...

She will absolutely love that you did this. Great photo!!

It's wonderful to have people in our children's lives that value what we do.

Thanks Jen!!

Holly said...

What beautiful girls!!!

Jen said...

Shari that a PROBLEM????

I love it, and as you all know I have always enjoyed dressing them up....when they let shopping? Bring it on Britt!!!
Hey, maybe I'll take the Fashionista with us, she'd get the girls to wear anything...of course it would have to pass the fashion test first.

Amy said...

I should have been a man.

Roxanne said...

I often take my girls shopping with me. They are brutally honest. Sometimes it means the clothing item stays in the store.