Saturday, October 4, 2008

Learning Independence

My mom used to say she couldn't boil water when she got married, and was determined to teach us all how to cook and fend for ourselves.
I made my first cake by myself when I was 8, and tackled a "Blitz Torte" by 10.

I guess my mom's ideas about teaching independence live on in my own parenting.
I have had a lot of fun with my kids in the kitchen, (and many others as well, try making mini gingerbread houses with 5 kids 2 and under!)

This morning, I woke up rather hungry, but really not knowing what I wanted.
Maria and I came up with the idea of  scrambled eggs with left over ham and green onion mixed in, topped with shredded cheese.

Maria prepared,  cooked and served these for me all by herself.
They were very yummy!!! Oh! She also
 made me my tea...perfectly.
Miss Jianna, did not think the ham mixed in would be very good, and proceeded to cook up her own version, sans ham.
Especially with Jianna, I offer my assistance, but the girls love to do this by themselves.

Jianna did need help remembering which knob went with which burner, but I know adults who struggle with this!
As she was nearing completion, she called out to me:
"Mom, I need your help to get me a plate, but do me a favor, and don't look at the mess!
Unless, you want to help me clean it up, then you can look at it."

It really is amazing how shredding a small amount of cheese can cover one whole side of my kitchen!
As she finished cooking, I helped her clean up and praised her for being able to do such a great job...(actually, both Maria and I have been known to have Jianna make our eggs, because she really does do the best job in the house).

Jianna pipes up once again, "I wish you'd teach me how to REALLY cook, so I don't have to survive on eggs and toast in university!"
I assured her, that between 6 and university, there was lots of time to learn to make lots of meals, she would not starve.
We also made plans for her to go to a culinary college as she declared she wanted to be a chef in a restaurant when she grows up...that may just be her calling too, the way that kid thinks of and enjoys food!


Shaun and Holly said...

Yummy, I love eggs! Have the girls call me next time and they can serve me too! :o) heeheehee....

Tamatha said...

mmmm...maybe I should come for breakfast sometime:o)hehe