Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another One in the Family

After teasing his mother mercilessly over blogging, My 16 year old has joined the ranks.

Mind you, I am sure he would present quite an argument as to the validity of his particular blog over mine. Jonathan's blog is not what you might expect from a 16 year old boy...unless you happen to know this teen, (and his dad)!
No talk of school, friends, sports, cars or girls...nope! This is a political blog. Let me tell you, living with this young man...he definitely has a thing or two to say about politics, both Canadian and American!
So, check him out at:

If you have any questions about the issues or how to vote, Jonathan is the guy who will tell you...respectfully, I hope!

Welcome Jonathan, I am proud of your ability to search out why you believe what you believe and to stick by it despite the pressures of  the popular opinions around you.
I Love you Big Guy!


Shari said...

Love Jonathan's title
The Right Side of the Spectrum... it's great to see on of our boys moving beyond just posting footage on UTUBE! LOL

Amy said...

lovin' it!

tia said...

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