Monday, October 20, 2008

Simple Reminder

Have you ever thought about the fact that God's Word is His Word no matter what?

The truth of what He has declared is just that, truth. It does not hinge on our belief, (though there are many instances in scripture where a promise is made based on Faith or our belief).
When God declares something as so, with no "ifs, ands or buts", it IS, just as He IS.

It really doesn't matter whether we BELIEVE it or  have given it much thought at all.

I was given a very simple reminder of this over the past weekend.
Galations 6:7 speaks of sowing and reaping. We are reminded that God stands by His word, that WHATEVER we sow, in the spirit that we sow it in, we will also reap. 
Now, as Christians, we often use this as a caution to ourselves, our children and others, to discourage bad behavior.
This is definitely one aspect of this scripture, but the same is true when we sow according to God's character.
A week ago, dear friends were visiting from Minnesota. Not long before this, the girls and I had cleaned out their closet which involved the inevitable, shuffle of clothes outgrown, from Maria to Jianna and then from Jianna to...well, the sorting room. My bedroom.
I then sort, heirloom pieces, from worn out pieces from those with plenty of life left in them to be enjoyed by another little girl.
Sometimes this is difficult for me, (you know when you come across that piece, you wish they could wear forever, because of how cute they looked, or who gave it to them, or how much they loved it?), and only the idea of more clutter in my home propels me forward. 

In this purge round, there was such a piece...actually, a pair.
The cutest little gold ballet flats, they looked like little Tinkerbell shoes....SO CUTE!!!
I remember the shopping trip last year with the girls, where we found these little gems...we all fell in love immediately.

I almost put them in the heirloom bin, but realized that there are only so many pieces that can be given this, into the give away pile they went.
There were a few things in this pile that were difficult to part with.

My friend's little girl loved all the new clothes and had to try everything on, even though much of it would not truly fit for another couple of seasons.

I never thought anymore about it, after that, until today.
Last night, I had another friend and her teenage daughter over for a fun night. When she arrived, she had a box of clothes to give Maria from her daughters.
Now, this almost never happens, as Maria is so close in size to her older friends.
Maria was THRILLED to go through this box, and find all of her favorite brands, (Roots, Garage and a few others). Everything was just her size and had lots of  life left in them too!

As happy as Maria was, I was rather ecstatic!  Maria seems to have grown out of everything all at once, and it has been a struggle to figure out her size in Junior Ladies' vs children's. we have tried to rebuild her wardrobe piece by piece, but there was back to school for everyone, new shoes for everyone, class trips and school photos, and the list continues.
I was so happy for her that there were so many things that she LOVED in her "New to her " wardrobe, and felt such a relief that we now, just needed to add pieces to a base wardrobe, not replace everything.

Until this morning, I had not drawn a correlation between the two incidents, but you know what?
It didn't matter that I hadn't thought about it. 
The simple truth of sowing and reaping was no less effective.

Simple reminder, but it's got me thinking about all of the things that God has declared to be so, in scripture. God will not be mocked...He does what He says He will do, whether I see it, think about it or understand it...or not.


Mona said...

What a wonderful and enlightening story.
Thankyou for sharing as we don't always see this in our own lives but your post has caused me to think and reflect on many things.
God does keep His promises.

Shaun and Holly said...

That's so great Jenny!! Did you and Maria talk about sewing and reaping?


Shari said...

As a little girl I LOVED getting what we referred to as "hand-me-downs".

Sewing and reaping comes in SO MANY packages that we often fail to recognize - Thanks for enlarging our vision.

Rhonda said...

Thanks Jen - great post! It's so true. We need to remember these truths and take notice of them. I used to enjoy getting those gifts of clothes too! I had older cousins who shared with me.

Roxanne said...

I STILL enjoy getting 'hand me downs' from my cousins!
Rebekah will ask me, "Mom, when you outgrow that can I have it?"
I've had to expalain that Mom is finished growing...both in height and weight!!

Tamatha said...


I remember being so happy when I would get to go thru stuff from my cousins whom were 10years older than me. It was always so much fun:o)