Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe!!

My hubby's birthday is today!
Whenever I think of Mark's birth, I am in awe of the truth that the steps of a righteous man truly are ordered of the Lord.

Mark is a man of dreams and visions, but he has coupled his dreams and visions with Faith, tenacity, perseverance, hard work, wisdom and the courage to take would be chances in order to see those dreams and visions come to pass.

I have been stretched beyond recognition by this process over the years...but that was part of God's purpose in bringing us together, to mold one another into the individuals He has designed us to be.

Mark adores his family and would go to the ends of the earth for any one of us. 
Just recently, the kids found and showed us the pictures from the car accident, 7 years ago.
Mark was moved to tears, as he once again remembered the events of that day and how close we came to losing Michael.

Mark is a leader.
He is a leader in his profession, his family and simply by definition of who He is and what he represents.
He is my friend and confidante, 
the person I treasure spending time with more than any other.

Mark is a man I am proud to call my husband,
I Love You Babe!


Shaun and Holly said...

Beautiful tribute Jenny!

Happy Birthday Mark~ a dear friend to Shaun and I and even our children.

Praying blessings on you this year like never before!

Mona said...

Happy Birthday Mark!
I hope your day was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful! I hope he had a great birthday!