Friday, September 5, 2008

I Made It!!!!

Well! I made it!!!! Twenty eight hours of walking later, I have come out tired and feeling like I have metal plates for shins, but relatively unscathed.

I wondered what I would possibly do for 7 hours a day, and just how long that time would seem....but, I should not have worried. School is a very busy place to be the first week of September. Almost all of the kids were great, even a few challenges from last year seem to have come around...or are lulling me into a "honeymoon period" so they can catch me unaware.....but see! I have already thought of that!

Some kids were actually quite happy to see my return and it was nice to reconnect with kids I'd gotten to know last year.

Many of the grade nines are truly like little lost sheep and I felt quite useful at times to be able to help them find their way and to realize that this new giant (to them) school was not so intimidating after all.

By first lunch period today, I was feeling like I had conquered the craziness of first week, quite satisfactorily....

OHHHH, but I had not yet experienced the absolute pandemonium that fills the ventilation system of a high school on the first game day that the senior football team plays of their new season on home field......can we scream TESTOSTERONE?!?!??!?!

Of course being the senior team, they had to get ready in the upper lockers right at the time that I am on patrol trying to maintain order and quiet for the students who are actually in class...I am not sure any were!
Every football player seemed to have an entourage of 4-6 friends, fans and girlfriends in tow...and every one of them had what they considered a legitimate reason to be in the upper hallways.

I would no sooner reason, negotiate, explain and eventually demand a group of 4 or 5  leave, when a group of 8 more would appear some where else! They were like breeding bunnies!!!!
I even resorted to lieing to the football players when they would ask me the time, in order to make them think they were going to be late on the field.....

I am not proud of this fact, but desperate times call for desperate measures!
Of course being the first game of the season...only the obedience brain cells seem to have been damaged so far and I was not able to pull off my bluff...sigh!
(Don't worry Rhonda, your football star was not actually a part of my chaos.)

Not having grown up a football fan and having learned very little from my Jon's time playing, I was never so happy to see that a football practice had started and was completely giddy when the game actually started!!!!



Rhonda said...

Game day is pretty exciting, isn't it?! I'm glad you got to experience it. We're going to have to get you some more 'green & gold'.

Amy said...

ooohh...I love football! I would have been wearing my gold and green and cheering along!!
It's been a few years, but I'm still a 'charger' at heart!!

Go Chargers Go!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

I am glad your 1st week is over and that it went well. Football is new to me but sounds exciting. Maybe we will be able to make it to one of Jon's games this year!

Roxanne said...

I'm working at my kids's high school this fall. I have no trouble picturing the students as you describe them!

Williams Family Blog said...

Yeah!!! You made it through the week.
I need to brush up on my football rules as soon my kids will probably be learning Aussie rules football??? in gym class.

Shari said...

Set your watch 5 or ten minutes ahead... that way when asked the time you simply say... "well according to my watch it's.." After 11 years of working with youth one does learn a trick or two!!

Tamatha said...